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This model comparison video tests the performance differences in two popular Vitamix models. Featured are the Vitamix Professional Series 750 and the Vitamix 5200. The Pro 750 is representative of all of the Vitamix “Next Generation” models, and the 5200 is comparable to all “traditional” models in the Vitamix home line of high-performance blenders.

A test is run using identical ingredients in each blender. Common household ingredients were selected to included a variety of hard, frozen, fibrous, and small-seeded contents for the test. Ingredients were blended for 30 second durations in each model, then again for an additional minute. A visual comparison is made from samples taken from each blend, and the temperature of the results from each is taken after the last.

This video has not been edited.

Visually the results from each blender appear to be virtually indistinguishable after both the 30 second and 90 second blending durations. As well, a temperature reading on the results after 90 seconds of blending shows almost no difference between the models, with the temperature reading of the ingredients blended in the Pro Series 750 registering just .2 degrees higher than those in the 5200. Neither blender had difficulty blending any of the ingredients used. Both did what should be considered a superb job against normally difficult-to-blend ingredients.


  1. I would like to know if it is just possible to use the Advance container on any residential line Vitamix. Have you used this container and would you say there is any difference in the results. To me it looks like this one is combinig the pros of the Blendtec Wildside and pros of the Vitamix containers.

    • bd

      Chris, it will not work with the residential models without some modifications. You are correct, though, in that it duplicates many of the advantages of the WildSide container. So much, so, that it was the subject of a lengthy and expensive lawsuit between the two companies.

  2. Hi. Love your website! I’ve learned so much and yet, still have a question! I plan to buy either the 5200 or Professional Series 300, mainly because of shorter container. I plan to make smoothies, soups and dressings, nothing fancy – I’m new to all this. Could you tell me which one would be best bet for me?

    • bd

      Liz, thanks for the nice comments about the site. Both of these models will be excellent choices for all the tasks you mention. You would be hard-pressed to tell any difference at all from recipes made in one model from those made in the other. Based on this and the limited information available via your question, I would probably recommend the Pro 300 due to your preference for the shorter container. This is a perfectly legitimate factor to consider when weighing one model against the next.

  3. Here’s something that I noticed about the difference between the two models that I honestly didn’t even really notice before this video or had read anywhere. The lids! The next generation series lid seems to lay flat on the counter when placed upside down and the Traditional series seems to balance on the top of the hole stopper (not sure of exact terminology). This video was a great way to show that all of their blenders will perform to the same amazing results no matter what the situation 🙂 I only had one question because I don’t know if anyone has actually done a test of this at home, but do you know the actual decibel levels of the 2 series on high? From the video they sounded similar but I know the G-series is supposed to be “quieter” thanks for your video and I hope to read about a comparison of decibel levels soon 🙂

  4. Thanks for the great video! Are the containers interchangable between the traditional and new generation blenders? For example, would the 32-ounce “Dry Grains” container work with the new generation models? Thanks!

    • bd

      Alan, yes, the residential line of containers are interchangeable and compatible between models. Thanks for the nice words about the video!

  5. I’ve read and watched several comparisons between the 5200 and the 7500 Next-Gen. More reviews than not claim that the 7500 is a significant upgrade from the 5200 in terms of performance.

    I’m literally about to pull the trigger on 5200 because of the cheaper price, but a part of me keeps telling me that I should just get the higher performance machine and be done with it.

    I can afford both, but don’t want to throw my money away, help.

    • bd

      Shawn, for the kind of money you will be spending on any model, it is important that you be nothing less than pleased with your purchase. I can tell you that both models mentioned are excellent options that will do anything you need. Personally, I don’t agree that the upgrade is “significant.” The extra length on the blade on the 7500 may enable certain blending tasks to be performed a few seconds sooner. And, of course, the entire unit is more likely to be able to fit underneath your kitchen cabinets on your countertop if that is important to you.

  6. Does the new generation blend single serve smoothies, etc. as well as the c-series?

    • bd

      Dawn, this would depend on your personal definition of a single serving. For recipes yielding 8 ounces or less, you might find the C-Series containers slightly easier to work with due to their having narrower bases. This allows for ingredients to be stacked higher in the jar which in turn allows the blades to create a vortex action with less outside assistance. For recipes 8 to 10 ounces and higher in total volume, both will do a great job and it is unlikely you would be able to tell the difference in smoothies made from either.

  7. in reading 750 specs it states that it does HOT soups and FROZEN desserts. Does this imply that the blender itself add heat or cold while blending? If so, does the CIA professional (similar to the 5200)? I am having a difficult time deciding between these two… I was wondering if you as a consumer (not as a reviewer) would share your personal prefernce in your own daily use… what model do YOU use, and why? I also do not want to buy a traditional if all new containers, etc will be made to accomodate the next generation, making the traditional eventually obsolete… Thanks for your help!

    • Blenderdude

      Becky, there is no heating or cooling element built into any Vitamix model. Whether a recipe ends up piping hot or freezing cold depends on but two simple factors: the starting temperatures of the ingredients being blended, and the amount of friction being generated against those ingredients by the blades. The right ingredients paired with a specific amount of friction will yield a consistent result time after time. All models use this same basic concept, including the Pro 750, 5200, and any CIA model.

      Which model I use depends on only one thing: which one happens to be on my countertop at the time. I will use one until I have a reason (idea for a test or question from a customer, for example) to switch it out. Once the “new” blender goes into the rotation, it will stay there until the next excuse to swap them out arises. I never change blenders without a reason because I truly have no preference among them. I’ve used them all so often that I can get any of them to perform exactly as I wish. The 5200 nor any traditional blender will ever be obsolete in my estimation. However, if you are truly concerned about container compatibility years down the road, I would suggest a Next Generation Vitamix. But only for your peace of mind. These are expensive items, and you don’t want to be second-guessing yourself after making such a large investment. You will not be purchasing an inferior Vitamix regardless of which one you select.

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