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This video compares the OmniBlend V high-performance blender, also known as both the Omni V the Omni, with the Blendtec Total Blender.  The goal of the video is to help you, the consumer, in your quest to select a high-performance blender that best suits your and/or your family’s needs.  The Omni V and Blendtec share several features but also differ in ways which, when highlighted, may draw you toward one over the other. The Omni V also comes in at a lower price-point than the Blendtec, which could play an important role in one’s buying decision.

In this video we demonstrate both blenders’ ability to turn vegetables and other ingredients into hot soup, a typical function of these machines. After briefly discussing features which enable the blenders to do so, a performance comparison is conducted. The test incorporates the exact same ingredients in both blenders and is performed using the highest speed setting for each.  The duration of the test is exactly 3 minutes for both blenders.  Because a mixing rod is included with the Omni V package, it is used in this test.

This video has not been edited.

Both blenders generate sufficient friction between ingredients and blade assemblies in order to rapidly heat ingredients to typical soup temperatures, although the Blendtec generates somewhat significantly higher temperatures over the course of the same blending duration. We can conclude in this operational function that the Blendtec is a slightly stronger machine. Additional blending time with the OmniBlend V would result in higher-temperatures, however.


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