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This video is the first of five in a series comparing the Blendtec Total Blender and the Vitamix 5200.  The goal of the video series is to help you, the consumer, select a high-performance blender that best suits your and/or your family’s needs.  While the Blendtec and Vitamix are both excellent machines, there may be differences in appearance, operation, and/or performance that draw you toward one over the other.  Hopefully, this series will shed some light on these differences and assist you in making the best possible decision.

In this video we run a short test – making juice out of common vegetables – with a goal of trying to determine if there is any noticeable power difference in the two machines in terms of how well they break down certain ingredients.  The ingredients chosen are of varying densities and fibrosities, aimed at covering the gamut of various fruits and vegetables one might use in smoothies and/or juices – perhaps the most common of uses for high-performance blenders by health-conscious individuals.  Although the technical specifications in terms of horsepower, wattage, and amperage is slightly different on these two blenders, this does not necessarily translate to a practical difference on blended results.

This test incorporates the exact same ingredients in both blenders and is performed on the highest speed setting for each.  The duration of the test is exactly 50 seconds for both blenders.  Because a tamper is included in the Vitamix 5200 package, it has been used in this test.

This video has not been edited.

Both blenders produced a juice that, while quite dense due to the high fibrosity of the ingredients chosen, was exceptionally smooth with virtually no inconsistency in texture.  No discernable differences in flavor, temperature, or texture was detected between the two juices.  The concluion for this test is that both the Blendtec and Vitamix do an equally superb job of breaking down fruits and vegetables in juices and/or smoothies.


  1. it isnt a fair test if a plunger/tamper is used.

  2. I see that there are at least two Blendtec Total Blenders I think the difference being 621-26 and 621-20. What are the numbers referring to?

    • bd

      Debbie, they are the very same blender. One comes with an extra FourSide conatiner in addition to the WildSide that comes with both.

      • Thank you. Do you know if I buy through amazon if I still have the same warranty?

  3. BD: when you’re standing in front of your Vitamix and using your tamper, do you generally hold onto the jar to keep it in place or even lifting off of the base?

    • Blenderdude

      Joe, yes, I usually keep my free hand on the lid of the container. This is more for leverage than safety, but it accomplishes both at the same time. It is certainly possible to implement the tamper without holding the container or motor base, but, to me, having a hand on the lid feels more natural than not.

  4. SO I am curious, did you notice the difference in the colors of the mixtures from the blendtec and the vitamix… I know you said you couldn’t see a difference in the video, but when you brought them up close, you can see the difference in color of the mixture

    does this in anyway affect the taste or texture or anything?

    • Blenderdude

      Uriel, yes, a slight color difference is noticeable. This could be the result of many different factors. My opinion is that, in this case, it is nothing other than slight pigmentation differences in the ingredients specific to each container. I doubt there was any difference in taste between these two results. I could also detect very little, if any, difference in texture. If the blenders performed differently to the extent that this was responsible for otherwise identical ingredients changing colors when blended over the same duration, I would expect noticeably different textures as well as temperatures in the results.

  5. Hello, can you please comment on the fact that the Blade-sets only have a 12 month warranty, NOT 7 years?

    • Blenderdude

      Richard, I can’t tell from your comment to which blender manufacturer you’re referring, but if it happens to be the two from the video, you have most likely received some misinformation. The blade assemblies that come with either a new Blendtec or Vitamix model are covered for the duration of the warranty – usually 7 full years in both cases. There are some models that come with slightly shorter warranties, but the blade assemblies are still covered for their durations.

      Should you purchase a container separately from either manufacturer the warranty on the container and, hence, the blade assembly, will be 3 years. If you purchase a blade assembly from an aftermarket third-party retailer, however, the warranty is most-likely set by the retailer – not the manufacturer – and very well could be as short as a year.

  6. Dude,

    Just curious, but sometimes I see people blending green smoothies in their Vitamix with no liquid. But thanks to the tamper, they are able to do this. I have a Blendtec, and I was wondering if I wanted to do this, what would be a good way to do it?

    For the record, I don’t really have a need to make a liquid-less green smoothie, as I don’t really like super thick smoothies. But it’s more of a curiosity for me.

    • Blenderdude

      Joe, this is one of the very reasons I am a big proponent of the tamper. It definitely helps in situations like these. The Twister Jar accomplishes a lot of the same actions as the tamper, but if you didn’t want to invest in the Twister, you would have to implement the use of a spatula and be okay with stopping and re-starting your machine until you achieved the desired result. Using high-liquid ingredients (oranges, as one example) will also help. As a last resort, there are after-market tampers designed for the Blendtec available online if you look hard enough. Some are relatively inexpensive, too.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply. Just curious, but have you ever used a 3rd party tamper with the Blendtec? Do you think it works well? That reminds me, sometimes I see two types of lids for the Blendtec. One that has a little round plug at the top and another (and the type I have) that has a clear plastic “square”… I’m not sure how to describe it. But is there a reason for the difference? It seems that the former would be easier with a tamper.

        • Blenderdude

          I have used one before, but it is no longer available anywhere online to the best of my knowledge. There are some out there, but none that I have ever used. I can’t speak to how well they work but, provided they are the right size, I don’t see how they could do anything but help in some instances.

          The Blendtec top with the round plug is an outdated design which is no longer in production. Blendtec went with the new design in early 2009 if memory serves. Depending on the tamper tool you got, the older design could very well work more efficiently with it. It would have to be a very narrow tamper, though.

          • Thanks BD. What originally prompted my question was that I saw what I thought was an impressive demo of the Vitamix. I saw this guy throw in a whole orange, slice of lime, a banana, huge chunks of pineapple, a bunch of spinach, and some ice. He put it into the Vitamix and tampered it down so quickly without any liquid that I was somewhat jealous and thought, “No way would the Blendtec do that without liquid.” So just to see if it would work, I duplicated this test in the Blendtec and pressed the smoothie button and it actually did it without needing to stop it or anything. I was very happy and the drink was actually really good too… but too thick, I ended up adding water anyway 😛 (I’m just not a fan of thick smoothies).

            Anyway, I know there are definitely some smoothies recipes that the Blendtec cannot do without liquid, but I was pleased to know that you’re right, if the fruits/veggies have high water content, then it might not have to.

            I’m thankful you offer such advice.

            • Blenderdude

              Joe, you’re welcome. I’m glad you discovered another way to use your Blendtec. By the way, I don’t like my smoothies very thick, either :-). I almost always add water regardless of which blender I’m using.

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