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This video introduces Blendtec’s newest container, the Twister Jar. It is sold separately from their Home line of blender packages and is currently priced at $119.00. It is intended for anyone who already owns a Total Blender Classic, Designer Series, or HP3A package.

The design of the Twister Jar, along with its unique lid, enables thick, dense, and/or frozen ingredients to be more easily redirected into the center of the jar, allowing the blades to incorporate ingredients without delay due to cavitation and/or adherence to the container’s sides.

In this video we make peanut butter using only 2 cups of peanuts.

This video has not been edited.

In a previous video the Blendtec made perfect peanut butter in the standard container, but took approximately 6 1/2 minutes to do so. The Twister Jar significantly reduces this preparation time, making perfectly smooth nut butter in a little over 1 minute.


  1. Hi. I don’t know which jar to buy. My four sided has just broken and I need to purchase another. I use it for mayonnaise etc and my daughter uses it for smoothies. Which would you suggest please?

  2. I have alot of trouble blending store bought ice cream into drinks. It grinds and sounds like a jet engine. The blades don’t seem to move. And when they do, it sounds like they’re trying to cut through wood or something, like they’re stuck. But ice cream is soft. The manuals that come with it aren’t any help at all and don’t give any info!

  3. I bought a Blendtec designer aeries from eBay – to be delivered today – and I really don’t want to spend the $100+ for a twister jar (didn’t know about it till I watched some videos today). I saw a comparison of Vitamix vs. blendtec with the Vitamix “tamper.” Couldn’t I use some implement on my blendtec similar to a tamper? As long as it doesn’t reach all the way to the blades?

  4. I have the Wildside+ and the mini Twister (a gift) but I can’t make small batches of chutneys in either. Would you recommend a regular sized Twister jar or the mini Wildside as an additional purchase? We don’t use nuts in our house due to severe allergies, so nut butters aren’t a consideration. Thanks!

  5. I have found places to buy the twister jar gripper lid by itself. I was told by Blendtec support that the regular twister gripper lid would not fit the mini twister jar. I can’t verify, so I was hoping maybe you could tell me. I’d really like to be able to order this lid for smaller portions of thinner blends.

    • bd

      Tim, they are different sizes. The regular Twister is 5.7″ wide at its mouth. The Mini Twister is 4.75″ wide.

  6. Hi BD, Thanks for your videos and comments. Wondering whether a blendtec Mini Twister Jar can grind very small portions. I hear if we add water in to grinding, it splashes all over. I don’t see that this comes with a gripper lid? I am looking to grind both thicker and thinner food like chutneys, sauces, nuts, etc. Any advice on which product to buy?

    • bd

      Meena, both the Mini Twister and standard Twister are great for small portions. With either jar the addition of straight liquid can be problematic with the Twister lid, however, as it does not secure tightly onto the rim on the container. This is why it is predominantly used for thick and/or frozen recipes. Given everything you intend to make with your Blendtec, I would always recommend the standard Twister over the Mini. The gripper lid that comes with the standard is definitely an added bonus when you want to clean it or make the more liquid recipes you desire.

  7. Will it work for spice grinding? will the dust escape through twister lid ? or its air tight? we grind spice items in small quantities and this jar is ideal size.

    • bd

      Twister, yes, the Twister jar will work for dry grinding but the Twister lid is not airtight. There is a Gripper lid made for the Twister which is, however.

      • My concern with the twister as a spice grinder is removing the smell from strong spices like those used in Indian cooking. I want to avoid coriander flavored peanut butter.

        • bd

          I understand the concern, John. I’ve not done much if any Indian spice-grinding in my containers. However, I’ve never had any real issue with flavor transference from one recipe to the next.

  8. Hey there! I recently bought a Designer series Blentec from Bath and Body. I went ahead with this purchase because I could use the 20% coupon and it came with a free mini twister jar. This was ideal for me because I wanted a separate jar for dry grinding. I need ability to grind wheat berries and coffee. I have been trying to grind coffee in it and it just goes everywhere!!! I even used a flat tupperware lid to cover the top last time since the lid doesn’t seal. But when I took it off, coffee still went everywhere, like there was static or something in there. Any suggestions. Don’t want to return, but this was a big reason for my purchase. Thanks!

    • bd

      Kori, it sounds like what you need is a Mini Gripper Lid for the Twister Jar. This comes with the standard Twister and is designed to contain liquid blends inside the container. It should serve the same purpose for the grinding you are doing in yours. To the best of my knowledge Blendtec doesn’t sell this lid separately, but I would suggest calling customer service and see if they will accommodate your request. Good luck!

  9. Your blog is just what I was looking for. Great insight, fantastic hands on advice, well intentioned followers with sensible and honest questions. Iam considering buying blendtec with a twister jar. My main hesitation with not buying one all these days is because in my Indian cooking I do small quantity i.e one cup, dry as well as wet grinding at least twice per meal and the large jar dint fit the bill for this. Although I make one smoothie a day, the Indian cooking was the primary driver and baby food btw. With this twister jar in picture Iam very convinced that this will solve my problem. Have you any research to share where I can get a good price on a regular plus twister jar combo.With the base ofcourse?

    • bd

      Jane, I apologize for the delay in responding to this inquiry. I have only seen this container on sale once or twice since it came out. A great price on it will be around $99 if and when these sales come about again. No guarantees:

      Twister Jar

  10. Hi BD,,

    I just tried to make homemade peanut butter today in my blendtec twister jar. It came out dry and crumbly not smooth and spreadable like yours. It got pretty hot at the bottom too. I used dry roasted salt free peanuts that were in their shells and we had to shell them. I don’t want to have to add oil. Do you have any suggestions as to how to make it smooth and creamy? I followed the instructions in the book and used speed seven for about 40seconds. It didn’t quite grind up totally so I used another 40 seconds.

    You mentioned that you used roasted peanuts too. Were they shelled? Did they contain added oil? Thanks BD! Coup

    • Blenderdude

      Coup, that is interesting. I never add oil to my peanuts, either. I have used both cocktail peanuts and dry roasted peanuts with success, though I have admittedly never shelled my own peanuts prior to making the butter. I would normally suggest a longer blending duration, but it appears you did that. Two 40-second cycles should be plenty long enough. I recommend using speed 5 over speed 7, but that shouldn’t be the reason for the failure, either.

      Sometimes with difficult-to-blend nut butters I have success letting the recipe “rest” for 5 to 10 minutes in between blendes which lets the natural oils in the nuts escape. This leads to easier incorporation as I continue blending. In your case it appears that the nuts were dry roasted to the point that the natural oils were somehow removed. Peanuts are usually one of the easiest nut-butter ingredients to blend. I wish I had a more definitive answer as to what is causing the difficulty in your case.

      • Thanks BD for the quick reply! I like the tip about letting the PB rest for five min to let the oil come out. I might give that a shot. I think the dry roasted nuts we have might also be an issue.

        Another question about the twister jar. After a few batches of Peanut and almond butter, I noticed that the ends of the arms/tines on the twister lid are starting to erode a little bit. I can see little plastic fibers coming off of those arms of the twister lid. Have you noticed anything like this on yours?

        Thanks for all your great info and the videos! Very informative and enjoyable to watch!

        • Blenderdude

          Coup, the tines on my Twister show no signs of visible wear whatsoever. I’m not sure what is causing this. Definitely file away the fibers you mention – you don’t want them in your recipes. If the problem is an isolated one, they should not return. If they do re-appear, however, I would take advantage of the container’s warranty and return it. You might want to do this anyway. Please keep us updated on this as what you’ve described is the first of its kind of which I’ve been made aware.

          • Thanks BD! I appreciate the feedback. We got a little worried with the fibers of plastic on the twister cap starting to show up so soon. I really loved using the lid. I just wish it were stainless steel. We ended up retuning it and going with the vitamix. Little tougher to scoop out the pb but I like the tip you gave one time of making a smoothie right after to use up all the hard to get to PB. Thanks! Coup

            • Blenderdude

              Coup, as long as you’re happy with the model you’ve ultimately chosen – that’s all that matters. Good luck!

  11. I can purchase the Blendtec Wildside with the Twister Jar for a very good price at Costco. Is there a compelling reason to move to the Designer Series with no Twister jar? Appreciate your thoughts.

    • Blenderdude

      Penny, only if you are really drawn to the aesthetics of the Designer Series. Functionally, both models work nearly identically. They both have the exact same strength motor and use the same containers. Some feel the Designer Series has a more modern look and really like the way it looks. It is also slightly quieter due to a re-designed airflow across the motor. These are really the only factors you must weigh.

  12. Thanks so much for all this wonderful information!

    Do the Wildside XR jars made for the Vitamix also fit on the Blendtec? And if so, does the twister jar then also fit on the Vitamix? A strange question, but I really like the Vitamix controls, and I would love to buy the Vitamix and have the Twister jar to use with it.

    Happy New Year!

    • Blenderdude

      Scott, Happy New Year to you as well. Neither of the containers you mentioned are interchangeable between the two blenders. The XR might fit on other manufacturer’s blenders, but not on a Blendtec. Likewise, the Twister Jar cannot be used on a Vitamix.

  13. If you had to pick two Blendtec jars to purchase would it be the Wildside & the Fourside or the Wildside & the Twister? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Blenderdude

      Jessica, I would choose the WildSide and the Twister Jar. This will give you the ultimate in flexibility with the Blendtec. The FourSide is a nice jar in its own right but performs essentially the same functions as the WildSide.

  14. Has the cooling fan been upgraded in the signature series? or only in the designer model?

    • Blenderdude

      LN, the Designer Series is the only model with the re-designed air-flow.

  15. What is the down side to the wildside container? is there anything is will not do at all that the others will? Just bought the designer series and it came with only the wildside.

    • Blenderdude

      James, the WildSide will do everything the FourSide will do. There is really nothing you can’t do with it although certain jobs like nut butters and smoothies/ice creams with a large quantity of frozen fruit may take some extra and/or manual blending on your part. This is why the Twister Jar is so popular – because it helps tremendously with these types of recipes. The WildSide is an awesome container and, if I could only have one, is probably the one I’d choose.

  16. I am considering a Blendtec – is there a series that includes the twister jar and is costco still the best place to buy it?

    • Blenderdude

      Lynn, there is a model called the Signature Series which includes the FourSide, WildSide, and Twister Jar containers. The blender itself is very similar to the Total Blender but the total price is about the same as if you purchased the individual components separately. This package cannot be purchased at Costco. And, yes, Costco has an excellent price on the Blendtec.

  17. I have used the BlendTec for several weeks and I am mostly loving it. However, I enjoy adding dates (cut in half and pit removed) to my smoothies, but even after using the Whole Juice cycle followed by two Smoothie XL cycles for a medium sized smoothie in the Four Side jar, I still have small chewy chunks of date. My husband is calling me a liar (!!) after I told him the huge price tag for the BlendTec was justified because the BlendTec is the bomb and could make a smoothie out of anything with no chunks. I’ve also recommended the BlendTec to several friends and now I’m thinking I should have spent the extra $$ and gone for the Vitamix.

    Any suggestions?

    • Blenderdude

      Susan, dates and other dense, “sticky” ingredients are really the only things where a sharper blade might come in a little more handy. I use dates all the time, though. My suggestion is to go straight to manual Speed 10 for the full 50 seconds of the cycle, then repeat if necessary. If you run the full cycle twice, make sure you have ice or frozen fruit as part of your ingredient make-up.

  18. BD, I was all set to buy the Blendtec Wildside Total blender from Costco really good price for combo package, then I was planning to buy the twister separately. I went back on site to see how much shipping would be just buying Twister jar and there was a new Signature series I do not remember noticing (don’t know how I missesit b/c I’ve been on their site a hundred times in last month). I wondered if thatSignature is the HP3 A or is that the Total classic which includes everything in one package including about 4 recipe books, spoonula, spactula, all 3 jars and I assume the 2 lids for Twister. If you have any info on this I would really appreciate it. If I do split payments it adds on the extra $15 but I will only save about $20 and receive the blender a few days later if I purchase the Signature package vs the way I had planned (your code helps me get free shipping-thank you). I appreciate our site and all the good info…you actually helped me finally to go with the Blendtec. Thank you again for any assistance.

    • Blenderdude

      Paula, the motor in the Total Blender is the exact same as the one in the HP3A. This is also the same motor you will find in the Signature Series. So, from that standpoint, they are all identical. Regarding the user interface, the Signature Series has more in common with the Total Blender. The pre-programmed blend cycles are identical. Instead of 10 speeds on the Total Blender which you would access manually one speed at time using the Speed Up and Speed Down buttons, the Signature Series has 5 one-touch buttons. The Signature Series is basically taking advantage of all the extra “real estate” on the control panel. It does not perform any differently than the Total Blender, however.

      It comes with everything you mentioned except it’s 3 books/booklets instead of 4, and the FourSide container is not included in this package. As of right now it is only available in a black motor base finish.

      • Is it just me, or does that Signature Series sound like a down-grade from the Total Blender that you have? 5 manual speeds… it seems like it would be better to have 10. For example, what if you had a recipe from Blendtec that said something like, “Blend on speed 1 for 10 seconds, and then speed up to speed 8”? I’m assuming speed “1” on the Signature series would be faster than speed 1 on the Total Blender. It seems like having only 5 speeds essentially means you have speeds 5-10 only.

        • Blenderdude

          Joseph, when the Signature Series was originally introduced, it was put together as an all-inclusive package that included many different containers and accessories. The model package has since been changed and now more closely resembles the Total Blender Classic package. If all else is equal, I would prefer 10 manual speeds over 5. For clarification, Speed 1 is roughly the same speed on both models, and Speed 5 on the Signature equals Speed 10 on the Total Blender.

  19. Is the Twister jar good for grinding hard grains like coffee beans, rice, and whatever else or is it just for making nut butters?

    • Blenderdude

      James, because the Twister Jar contains the exact same blade as the FourSide and WildSide containers, it will certainly work on hard grains. However, it is not ideal for this purpose in my opinion. The lid does not attach to the container, which means you would have to manually hold the lid in place throughout the entire grinding process. Flour could end up across your entire kitchen if you relaxed even slightly while keeping the lid in place. The FourSide remains the ideal grinding container.

      • BD, thank you so much for your quick reply. Just curious but did you happen to get a “test” version of the twister? I only ask because I went on Blendtec’s website to chat with them to ask them if the twister has an actual lid that fits snuggly. I was told that it comes with two lids, the one with the two scrappers and one that fits snuggly, and a recipe book.

        So I went on Amazon to try to fit pictures of the twister, and sure enough, it does come with two lids. I only bring this up because if you bought it at a store and it didn’t come with it, then your package may have been missing it by accident.

        • Blenderdude

          James, yes, I was given a prototype of the secure lid well over a year ago and was unaware they had decided to make it part of their package. In fact, Blendtec’s own website doesn’t even indicate the new lid comes with it. So, thank you for alerting me to this.

          Pertaining to your original question, with the secure lid this jar should be fine for grinding. Given a choice, I would still elect to do so in the FourSide, however.

          • BD – I recently bought a Classic combo at Sam’s Club and it did not come with the snug fitting lid. I really wanted the lid too, so I ordered a lid for it separately. I hope they start including both lids.

            • The twister jar is comparable to the FourSide for grains (good) because they are smaller and similar shaped at the bottom. The WildSide isn’t as good for grains because of all the extra room. I think this is the beauty of the WildSide / Twister combo.

              The WildSide has a longer (larger diameter) blade.

              Now that I see that the newer version of the Twister is 16 oz and has a pour spout. The combo I got from Sam’s club has the older 12oz version of the Twister that has no pour spout. Now I’m not sure if the Gripper lid I ordered will even fit.

              • Blenderdude

                Bsnake, depending on the amount of grains you want to grind at one time, the WildSide can do an excellent job with the. But you are correct in that the Twister Jar and FourSide jar share the same blade which is excellent for grinding. If you want to grind with the Twister, I recommend using the gripper lid.

                The 12 oz. Mini Twister is the only one without the pour spout. I can only speculate that they did not include one because the jar, itself is so shallow. Your gripper lid should fit it perfectly, however.

            • Blenderdude

              Bsnake, the gripper lid does come in handy. Among other things, it is the one you want to use when cleaning the container. I tend to agree with you that it should be included in the package.

  20. Hello again Blender Dude,

    I have just finished watching your video using the Twister jar to make peanut butter and wondered why would I not use the Twister jar for everything? Why would I need to use the Wildside jar at all? Thank you for the information and I am leaning towards the Blendtec.

    • Blenderdude

      Debbie, there are two issues with using the Twister Jar for every-task blending. First is the size – it is a 32 oz. maximum capacity, which means anything you make in it should probably be kept to around 16 oz. or less to keep it from wanting to escape from the top of the jar. Second is the fact that the jar does not come with a secure lid. Since the user will be manually turning the lid to use the “arms,” it does not attach to the jar, itself. You must be very careful in keeping the lid down on the jar to keep liquid from escaping if you are using it for juices and smoothies. This can sometimes be a challenge – I know from my experience in cleaning it.

  21. I just got my twister jar and tried to make peanut butter with 2 cups of raw peanuts and could not get them to make creamy peanut butter. It was kind of dry and did not have a creamy consistency. I tried it twice following your video exactly.
    Did you add oil or some other liquid? Whatt type of peanuts did you use?

    Thanks for any help

    • Blenderdude

      Guy, I never use raw peanuts for my peanut butter. Most people I know have a difficult time digesting them without moderate to severe “issues.” Remember, they are not nuts – they are legumes. Many raw legumes, especially the larger varieties, should not be ingested raw. However, if you want to try it, I would recommend that you dehydrate or let the nuts dry to remove as much moisture as possible. You might even need to add a little peanut or canola oil.

      With roasted peanuts like I use, you don’t need to add anything else – just straight peanuts.

      • Thanks for the quick reply BD.

        • hello,

          actually raw nuts are the healthiest they still contain the enzymes in the nut that is good for you. once any nut is roasted the enzyme is destroyed. and try almond butter much more healthy for you. (peanuts produce cholesterol in the body when they are broken down.)

  22. How hard is it to clean the jar after making the peanut butter?

    • Blenderdude

      Nancy, it is a little more troublesome than most recipes, but not real difficult. Most of your nut butter can be removed from the jar using the special spatula that comes with the container. What is left can be cleaned with warm water, liquid soap, and running the blender via the Pulse button for 20 to 30 seconds.

      Another good idea one of my readers suggested is to make a smoothie or protein shake using the peanut butter that remains in the jar as one of the ingredients. No waste at all!

  23. Nice video. I just got the Vitamix, but wondering with this new addition if I am better off with the Blendtec. Thoughts?

    • Blenderdude

      Sid, there is no reason to return or exchange your Vitamix. It is an awesome blender. There is nothing you can do with the Blendtec that you can’t do the Vitamix. The Twister Jar is very nice, but, with the tamper, you can accomplish the exact same thing with the Vitamix.

  24. Thank you for all of your videos! They are unbiased and incredibly informative, exactly what I was looking for! I ended up going with the Blendtec, primarily due to size and the fact that I was able to get the package with two jars for less than the price of the Vitamix.

    I have been very happy with the Blendtec in every way except for trying to make berry ice cream. I was able to make this incredibly well in my ninja and was really expecting more from the Blendtec. It looks like the Twister jar might be my solution as it seems that I fall victim to cavitation every time I try to make ice cream in either of the other jars. Are there any tips or tricks you can give me for better success with the other jars? Or would you recommend going with the Twister jar?

    Actually, have you considered putting together a collection of tips and tricks you’ve learned for both blenders? I think with your intimate knowledge of both blenders, that would be of huge benefit to so many!

    • Blenderdude

      Christine, thanks for the nice words about the website and congratulations on your new Blendtec. Cavitation is a legitimate concern with all blenders, not just the Blendtec. There are certain tools and accessories that help with this issue. The tamper that comes with the Vitamix is one. Blendtec’s new Twister Jar that you mentioned is another. The key is the container or accessory’s ability to puncture the “air bubble” that forms around the blade when blending extremely cold ingredients. Short of these containers or accessories, I would suggest adding a little more liquid to to your recipes and see if it helps. Another trick is to use the “Speed Up” button and take the machine manually to Speed 10. This often helps in drawing the ingredients into the blade and eliminating cavitation. Sometimes you might even have to stop the machine and give the container sides a tap or two.

      Remember, the main function of the Blendtec is its ability to pulverize almost anything you put into it. With the right ingredients and blade speeds, it will also make good ice cream, but sometimes not without a little “help.” Great idea on the “tips and tricks” collection. I will definitely work on that. Best of luck!

  25. When you refer to the Total Blender or the HP3A package, are you referring to the wildside or 4 side jar? (or does it matter?)

    • Blenderdude

      Betsy, The Total Blender can refer to either the WildSide or FourSide packages. They have now been renamed The Total Blender “Classic Series” FourSide and the Total Blender “Classic Series” WildSide.

      • I guess I was referring to the kitchen mill. I thought that was something you attached to the blender but I looked at the website again and it looks like it is free-standing. You would purchase that if you wanted to grind larger quanities than in the blender, right?

        • Blenderdude

          Betsy, that’s exactly right. The Kitchen Mill is a separate appliance altogether!

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