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This video attempts to point out differences in the containers that come as options in the Total Blender and HP3A packages from Blendtec.  Currently, these models are offered in a FourSide and WildSide package, so named for the containers included with each.  A Combo package featuring both containers is also offered.

We first examine the distinct design attributes of the FourSide and WildSide containers.  Next, identical tests on both are performed to determine if any differences in practical applications of the two containers exists.  Two whole oranges of similar size are placed into the respective containers and the “Whole Juice” button is selected.  Normally, Blendtec recommends that larger fruits and vegetables be cut into smaller sections prior to loading into the container in order to assist the blade with drawing ingredients into its cutting path.  Here both the FourSide and WildSide immediately blend the orange with little difficulty but it is normally expected that more preparation of fruits and vegetables (i.e. cutting into smaller sections) is required of blending in the FourSide than the WildSide.

Finally, water is introduced to both jars and temperatures recorded prior to a test which is designed to measure the relative heat being introduced to ingredients during a blending cycle.  Because of the larger blade in the WildSide container (4″ as opposed to 3″ in the FourSide), it might be reasonable to expect a higher friction production out of the larger container, thus potentially affecting the nutritional yield of ingredients blended.

This video has not been edited.

We can conclude from this test that the larger blade in the WildSide jar does not generate more friction than the smaller blade of the FourSide jar. In terms of nutrient loss via heat, yield should be similar with either container assuming blending times remain consistent with both. The larger blade does, however, offer an opportunity to blend slightly faster with the WildSide jar which, in theory, could yield a higher nutrient content due to the introduction of less oxidation.

In summary, the WildSide container is a viable consideration over the FourSide for anyone:

1) desiring a larger container in terms of volume (88 oz. capacity in the WildSide, 64 oz. in the FourSide).
2) looking for minimum ingredient preparation prior to blending (cutting fruits and vegetables into smaller sections with the FourSide than the WildSide may be required prior to blending).
3) interested in a maximum nutritional yeild via less oxidation introduction when utilizing the larger container in conjunction with the blender’s manual controls as opposed to its pre-programmed cycles.


  1. Blender Dude,
    My husband has always wanted a Blendtec and I’d like to surprise him with one. Amazon has two amazing deals I’m torn between: Blendtec Total Blender Classic, with FourSide Jar $189.95 and the Blendtec TB-621-25 Total Blender Classic with WildSide+ Jar, Black (Certified Refurbished) $189.99. I’m not of the pros and cons of the FourSide vs. the WildSide. We have never had a fancy blender before so I’m not sure what all we’ll be using it for but we love to cook as well eat healthy so I’m sure we’ll be using it a lot, especially for smoothies. Which would you recommend? Do I need to be hesitant about the refurbished one since it only has a 3 year instead of an 8 year warranty? Any advice you could provide would be great! Thanks!

  2. Hi, Blenderdude. Thank you for sharing so much info! After reading through everything here, I have a couple questions.Do you think that there’s a chance that the wildside jar might overload the base more than the fourside, and, even if only slightly, making the motor wear out more quickly? Also, the wildside does tend to rock a tiny bit on the start up sometimes. If I want a hands-free blending experience, should I be concerned about that? Thanks!!

    • bd

      Lynda, I do not think that WildSide container is prone to causing premature motor wear on the Blendtec than any other container. A hands-free blending experience is not container-dependent, either. Both size Blendtec containers will wobble a bit during some blending tasks, especially those involving ice or other frozen ingredients. I have developed a habit of holding one hand on top of the container pretty much regardless of what it is I’m blending in the Blendtec. Though rarely, I have seen both containers leave the motor base during use. I like to err on the side of caution. With experience, though, you will be able to discern prior to blending which tasks will lend themselves to a hands-free experience.

  3. I already looked at recon units but there are none for the Ascent series and the 750 recon is actually higher than the new 750 sale price. The Blendtec 570 I mention for $230 that says new, unopened, not refurbished, etc comes with 8 year warranty…but I don’t want to spend $230 just to wish I had spent $560. I had decided fairly early to go with Vitamix so I spent many hours researching their models to decide on the 750, A3500, or A2500. Help me pick the 2 or 3 top Blendtecs to consider …or maybe I should go with an $80 Oster…???

  4. I want a very good blender and had decided to go Vitamix A2500, A3500, or Vitamix Pro Series 750 in reverse preference. Even though they are on sale…I’m balking at $500-$600 with tax. Then I find a new Blendtec 570 w/ Wildside (new) for $230. I like that price point much better if I’m not sacrificing all the capability that the Vitamix has. I guess the Blendtec is a little louder with cavitation that Vitamix solves with the tamper and may hop around the counter a little more…but is it as good making smoothies with pulverized seeds, grain to flour, snowlike margaritas, nut butter, and hot soup? I’m really looking for a miracle blender like the A3500 with timer or Pro 750 with heavier metal base without the higher price.

  5. I watched all your videos on youtube and find it unbiased and help me a lot. Thank you. I decided to invest in a Blendtec, I am hesitating only on the modell. I prefer buttons instead of the touchscreen. I prefer wildside+ jar only because it seems that wildside+ can make smoother (more like juice) smoothies and generally operates better, and more versatile (for example I can make ice cream and peanut butter, seem it can replace the the twisted jar somehow) which can be a wrong theory of mine. Since I live in Europe, I have only one authorized dealer to buy from (if I want to keep the warranty and get the right voltage). Now they have easter sale: classic 575 with fourside jar for 450euro (instead of 550eur) or designer 625 with wildside+ jar for 550 eur (instead of 650eur). One of them I want to buy but I dont know which one. My question would be which one is the better deal? should I turn to the designer because of the wildside jar? The difference between the designer and the classic base is only the outlook and the touchscreen control?

    • bd

      Fruzsi, on a percentage basis it appears the 575 is the better deal. However, in the long run I think you will be happier with the WildSide jar. There is nothing that the 4-side jar can’t do, but the larger blade in the WildSide is superior, to state it plainly. The 625 also has a slightly higher wattage motor, although performance-wise the difference will likely not be perceptible.

  6. Curently using vitamix for acai bowls and smoothies in volumes. Would switching to Wildside speed production; or without an oem tamper just slow down the line?

  7. Hi BD!
    Thank you for your videos. I am planning to purchase a Fourside jar to do my grain grinding in. I haven’t ever worked with freshly ground wheat (though bake with store bought whole wheat regularly). I am hesitant to make the purchase and then find out that I don’t like the baked products or performance of the blender as a grinder. Would I be safe to test grind a batch or two of wheat in my Wildside+ without having it cloud or should I make the purchase and wait to grind until I have my Fourside?
    Thank you!!

  8. Lots of people complaining about containers (jars) going bad on Amazon reviews. Do you know if purchasing on Ebay means no warranty? Even when new in sealed box? Says on Blendtec’s site they only warranty sales from “authorized dealers”. I guess that means no. : )

    • bd

      John, in the earlier days of Ebay I would definitely tell you to be cautious. Today, however, many legitimate companies incorporate sales via Ebay into their business models. You will still have to do a bit of extra legwork to determine whether or not any particular seller is an authorized dealer. If you find one that is, though, the fact that you purchased your machine on Ebay should have no bearing on the warranty. Good luck.

    • After finding a vendor on Ebay selling new, factory sealed Blendtec 750’s, I called Blendec to find out if it would be covered under warranty if I bought one. They assured me they would cover any new Blendtec no matter where I got it. Little did I know then that I would soon need to find out the truth of that. Shortly after I received and started using the blender, the electronic control failed. Sadly, no matter how good any electronic product is, there will always be a small percentage of failures and it usually occurs within the first 90 days. I called Blendtec and they gave me fabulous customer service, quickly sending me a new replacement and paying shipping both ways. I have been using my Blendtec for almost a year now and am happy with both the blender and the company. Plus, I saved over two hundred dollars on the cost of the blender.

  9. Hello – love your site! I have a question regarding the wildside jar – do you know which “model” specifically is having gasket issues? I see some of the jars just say “wildside” on it, and some say “wildside +” – is one or the other the faulty one? What does the plus mean? Thank you!

    • bd

      Thanks for the nice words, Lori. The gasket in question is on the underside of the container on both the WildSide and WildSide+ containers. It is the same one on both jars. On a container by container basis, neither is more or less susceptible to failure than the other.

      The WildSide+ container has a few ridges built into the sides of the container which supposedly helps with circulation and redirection of ingredients while blending. The blade, itself, also has some very subtle contour variations. Overall, there is relatively little to distinguish one from the other in my opinion.

  10. Is the Blendtec Designer Series (Blendtec HP3A) realy Noise-free operations as avertized in it’s Advantages: ?

    • bd

      Ron, the Designer Series and HP3A are two different models. However, neither is anywhere close to what I would call “noise-free.” Because of a slightly more advanced air-flow design, the Designer Series is noticeably quieter than the HP3A. But, it’s still a blender. It’s not quiet by any means.

  11. I have made smoothies every morning for 6 months now and no problem until today! The seal exploded and went all over the floor. When I took my first sip of smoothie there was a bit of rubber in there and I had to throw it all away! How did the rubber get in my smoothie since I had the lid on the whole time and should I get a commercial model that might hold up better?

    • Blenderdude

      Debi, thanks for sharing your story. I’m very sorry for your unfortunate experience. It sounds like you experienced a gasket failure on the base of your Blendtec container. The pieces of gasket came up through the opening of the blade assembly after it failed. It did not enter through the lid. Do not use your container again – it is useless now. However, depending on when you purchased your Blendtec, it is very likely that it is still fully covered under warranty.

      Contact Blendtec customer service asap and explained what happened. Have your blender motor base handy so that they can track your serial number found on the underside of the blender. If you are still within the warranty period they will send you a brand new container at no charge and there will be no need for you to make an additional purchase. Good luck!

  12. We just pirchased a refurbished Belndtec with the Wildside jar. It was a real stretchto our budget to make this purchase and I was so excited to finally have a high end blender. I have now had the Blendtec for 5 days and have had numerous issues with it. the problem is cavitation That seems to be what happens when I use it. I made a Cottage Berry whip, which contains 1 cup of cottage cheese, a little sweetner and 1 cup of frozen blueberries. The blender mixes it up for less than 10-15 seconds, then a cavity froms around the blades and they just spin, connecting with nothing. This is one of our favorite desserts, so we are very dissapointed that this big expensive blender can’t handle such a simple task. I also tried to make a frappa, which consisted of 1 cup almond milk and 1 cup of water. Next I added the cocoa anilla and sweetner. I blended it, or tried to…Once again cavitation was an issue next came the ice. What a night mare that turned into. The recipe calls for 22 ice cubes. The ice just sat on top and everything under the ice cavitated and turned into a chunky slush. I called Blendtec in the midst of all this, frustrated that it should take 20 minutes to make this and that it was still a mess. They tried to help, but since the recipe I was using was not in thier recipe book, they were kind of clueless on what to do. I finally ened up emptying the blender contents into a bowl, which I then microwaved to break the slush down, (I had already removed many inse cubes from the top) Then I put it back in the blender and put it back on smoothie cycle. By now a half hour has passed. We finally got something to consume, but it was not anything that looked or tasted very good. Belndtec tells me I might have a defective jar, and they are sending me another one at no cost. I will have to wait 5 days for it to come. I’m not certain that will solve the problem or change the fact that since there is only 2 of us, we normally are blending things in 2 cup portions. I want to like this blnder and I want it to work for us, but I must say that I have my doubts. What is your experience in using the Blendtec with smaller portions? Will I need to purchase a twister jar to go with the blender or is a Blendtec not suited to my needs?

    • Blenderdude

      Pam, you have discovered what I consider to be the single biggest hurdle for the average Blendtec user. The challenges the machine faces blending predominantly frozen ingredient-based recipes was singularly responsible for the design and production of the Twister Jar. It is for all intents and purposes Blendtec’s answer to the Vitamix tamper.

      There are some various “tricks” that can be implemented which will alleviate cavitation. But only in certain instances. There is nothing, short of stopping the blender and readjusting the ingredient contents, that is guaranteed to eliminate this condition each and every time. I very much doubt your original jar is defective. I think you are just a customer who has a preference for a certain type of ingredient profile, and it happens to be one with which the Blendtec has the most difficulty.

      Your options are limited to purchasing a Twister Jar, which will certainly help with these recipes. But you will have to reduce the size of your servings as it is not designed to handle the same capacity as is the WildSide container. Your second option is to purchase a third-party tamper designed for use with the WildSide container. These come and go on the market all the time. Neither their availability nor level of performance is guaranteed. However, they are usually relatively inexpensive, so you wouldn’t be losing much if you wanted to give one a try. Please contact me and I will point you toward what I feel is the best option at any given time.

      Your final option is to return it and go a different direction altogether with something like a Vitamix. Although the user aesthetics and user interface will be completely different from what you’re used to with the Blendtec, you just might find the results are completely different, too, which, in your case, is probably what you want. Best of luck. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

  13. Hello ,
    I am interested in buying wild side Blendtech blender.
    Can you, please, kindly, guide me, which model would be reasonable for daily use in terms of making smoothies, soups etc.
    Professional series vs 96 oz wild side ?
    Which one is taller (better fit under cabinet ) ?
    Thank you very much !

    • Blenderdude

      IS, both the Professional Series and the Total Blender WildSide use the exact same motors and containers. They both use the same one-touch blend cycle technology as well. The primary difference between the models is that the Professional Series model is designed to give the user the option to have it installed directly into the countertop, such that only the container and control panel is visible. The Total Blender WildSide is designed for use on countertops like a traditioanl blender. It stands 15″ tall, so will almost assuredly fit underneath any upper-kitchen cabinets in your kitchen.

      Both models will perform identically with respect to all of the typical functions of the blender: soups, smoothies, nut butters, etc.

  14. Have you had any feedback on the stability of the jars? I am now on my 2nd Wild Side jar, and it looks as if my 4 side jar might be on the outs as well. I am also on my 2nd base and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I am religious about how I stack the product according to instructions, and I also wash as instructed. The blade in the jar comes to a point where it will no longer spin.

    I’m curious if I should invest in a Vitamix when the warranty is up?

    • Blenderdude

      DB, there are some known instances of gasket failures on the Blendtec containers. If this has happened to your containers it is possible that the bearing lubricant has escaped and has caused the blades of your container to seize. Blendtec is aware of this issue, and may or may not be taking the necessary engineering steps to remedy it. In the meantime, as you know, they will honor the blender’s warranty by replacing the container. Hopefully before your warranty has expired this will have become a non-issue. It doesn’t sound as if the problem is the result of neglect on your part in any way. I also highly doubt the ingredient placement you are doing has anything to do with the problem, either. Most-likely you have just been the unfortunate recipient of some bad containers.

      I’m at a loss to explain your issues with the motor bases. Again, though, nothing you have described would lead me to believe anything you are or are not doing is the root cause.

  15. What is the exact weight of the wildside and fourside jars. I have arthritis in hands and a few oz difference would be reason for me to use the fourside jar on some days.

    • Blenderdude

      Justin, the exact weight of both the FourSide and WildSide containers is listed by Blendtec at 1.5 lbs., or 0.68 kg. Both containers have the same base design, use basically the same amount of co-polyester, and use the same lid. The only real difference is the 3″ stainless steel blade in the FourSide as opposed to the 4″ stainless steel blade in the WildSide. If there is any weight difference at all, it would be due to the blades.

      I cannot tell any difference whatsoever in the two containers when holding them side by side. I have asked family members to do the same. One could tell no difference at all. The other actually thought the FourSide might be very slightly heavier.

  16. I love the blendtec. It’s so easy to use and clean up is a breeze.
    Thanks for a very informative site.


  17. I just bought the Blendtec from Costco with the WildSide jar. Is there any suggestions about using it for recipes, from their book, that state to use the FourSide jar? If I use the programmed cycle will that cause a problem. I’m thinking of making Hummus, which is set for the FourSide jar. Thanks, Joe

    • Blenderdude

      Joe, in general you can use recipes calling for the FourSide jar in the WildSide. For recipes that appear to you to be on the smaller size, volume wise, I recommend adding 15% to 20% more of the ingredients called for in equal proportions. This will ensure that your ingredients allow for the blade in the wider WildSide to sufficiently do the best blending job possible. With hummus, you may want to keep a spatula handy, too. Good luck!

  18. I’m trying to decide if I want to get the Fourside jar or the Wildside jar. I remember reading that the Wildside handled cavitation better, but at the same time, the majority of use will be in the form of protein shakes. My protein shakes use 160z of milk, some ice, whey protein, maltodextrin, peanut butter, banana, and some ice cream. This yields around 4-5 cups when fully blended, would it be beneficial to get the larger jar or just stick with the “default” one?

    • Blenderdude

      Jarrod, in my experience neither container is superior to the other regarding cavitation. It occurs in both and the methods of alleviating it from both are the same. Given the size of the protein shakes you are making, either will work just fine. It might be worth mentioning now, however, that the Total Blender only comes with the WildSide container now. This was not the case when this video was made. The FourSide container is only available now sold separately or in a package that includes both of the containers, which I don’t generally recommend.

      • Thanks for the reply. On HarvestEssentials they still sell the Total Blender with the Fourside, and want an additional $20 if you swap it out for the Wildside container (I think I’ll go with the Wildside). Makes me wonder if they’re selling an older model or something since it’s much cheaper than other places I’m seeing…

        • Ah, actually, I think I’m confused between models here. HarvestEssentials is selling the HP3A which is the “Home” model, the Total appears to be different.

        • Blenderdude

          They are probably not older models. Rather, just older inventory of a model that is no longer offered by Blendtec, itself.

  19. Blendtec has a new blender call the Signature Series. I was wondering if I can ask your opinion about it. because I’m on the edge of buying either the Blendtec signature series or the vita-mix Creations II. I appreciate any help you can give me. yours truly Donald .

    • Blenderdude

      Donald, the Signature Series from Blendtec is for all intents and purposes the same model as the Total Blender. It comes with extra accessories such as containers, spatulas, and cookbooks. But the blender, itself, will perform no differently than the Total Blender. The Vitamix Creations II also works identically to the 5200 you see in my videos. So, basically, I would recommend that you watch the Vitamix vs. Blendtec comparative videos, read the reviews on each, and see which one you think you are drawn toward. Then, if your choice still comes down to these two particular models, go with the manufacturer you were more impressed with during your research. You won’t go wrong with either.

  20. So will the Wildside jar do everything all the other jars do? Is the only difference that the Wildside jar will “cloud” if I use grain? I would like to grind wheat, turn xylitol into powder, make smoothies, and mix cake batter. Also I would like to try making soup in it – and who knows what else. 🙂 I only want to buy one jar – if one jar will do everything that I want -, and I like the Wildside jar because I want to be able to do large quantities.

    • Blenderdude

      Kat, if you like making large quantities and only want one container, the WildSide is the one to get. You can do everything you mentioned with it and more, you just may need to use slightly larger quantities of ingredients than you would in other containers.

  21. Should I just plan on fogging up one of my jars. I have both the Four Side and the Wild Side to grind hard grains like Kamut.. or is there some other suggestion to save the jars from damage?

    Thank you.

    We do love the blender, but want to take care of it, and be safe with it.

    • Blenderdude

      Timothy, for those who have both jars, I always recommend grinding with just one – usually the FourSide. With extensive use for grinding, it will start to take on a “cloudy” effect, but it can still be used for any purpose – not just grinding. If you do this your WildSide jar should look really good for quite awhile.

  22. Hello Blender Dude,

    I have another question after reading the above reviews. It is in regard to the “toxicity” of some raw vegtables such as beets. It is mentioned that you had an artice on such and I wondered where to find it. My daughter is eating about 80% raw and I would llike to pass it on to her.
    Thank you.
    Your videos are very informative and unbiased.

  23. Hi Jon,
    Your website is a wealth of information to someone who’s considering one these machines. And your video comparison
    Is trully unbiased and thorough. After much reading and watching your videos, I’m now more leaning towards the blendtec.
    I know I can’t go wrong with either. But blendtec pricing, ease of use ( presets buttons) and excellent warranty ( like the vitamix) did it for me. I do however wonder what exactly the warranty covers. I know the motor is, but is the jar covered if it ever leaks?

    • Blenderdude

      Ramon, thanks for the compliments on the site. I’m glad you found it helpful. The Blendtec container, like the motor base, is covered for the entire duration of the warranty.

  24. Hello there
    I am in the market for blendtec blender. Costco is running special with wildside jar but box indicates 32oz jar. THe special is $329.99 – $30 instant rebate. They also have online special Blendtec with both wild and four side jars for $399.99 – $30 instant rebate…My main concern is abt the size of the jar..is wildside jar 2 QT? 32oz makes it 1.12 Qt. I need help in determining whether to buy the costco store special they are running which is same as their road show past aug 2012. Thank you in advance and appreciated the video demo on both..Pls respond with info.

    • Blenderdude

      VP, to the best of my knowledge the only 32oz. jar that Blendtec currently makes is the Twister Jar. I doubt that is the one that comes with the package you are looking at. The FourSide jar is a 64oz. max-capacity jar that with measurements marked on the side up to 32oz. Normally, I would suspect that this is the container that comes with that particular package except for the fact that you indicate it is a special with the WildSide jar. The WildSide container is just short of 3 quarts max capacity. So, my hunch is now that the box is mis-marked but I cannot tell you with certainty that this is the case.

      The package with both containers is an excellent deal if you think you will be using both containers.

      • Thanks alot for your prompt reply…I guess the box is giving incorrect info…I will have to buy or open the box b4 buying..I also thought the combo deal was excellent with both the jars..Appreciate your help dear…Have a fantastic day 🙂

    • Hi- funny, I had the same question today. Costco’s promo does contain a wildside jar. The 32 oz is the highest measurement on the jar, but it does hold 96 oz. the Costco deal is a very good value with the rebate. I had bought this from Costco over 3 years ago with the four sided jar for almost $100 more.

  25. Hi there – thank you for your informative review and videos! I’ve spent a week researching VitaMix vs. Blendtec and I’m still stumped. I’m newly venturing into the world of raw, so the apparent ease of use/cleaning (and slightly lower cost) of the Blendtec are appealing. However, I am not a smoothie person -yet anyway. I’m primarily interested in making nut cheeses, sauces/chutneys, and breads/crusts. Especially for nut cheeses, the recipes usually call for a small amount of ingredients – about a cup or so. Which blender does better working with small amounts? And could the vVitamix do seed bread mixes without needing to purchase the separate container? We’re just a two-person household so quantities will never be very large. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • Blenderdude

      Maya, in my experience, between 1 and 2 cups of grains is just about the perfect amount for grinding in both the Vitamix and Blendtec with standard containers. Since you are primarily using the blender for grains, I would recommend you purchase the “dry” container with the Vitamix. The “wet” container will certainly handle some of the “softer” grains (rice, oat, etc.) but the harder grains like corn and winter wheat will eventually take their toll on the “wet” blades. You would not need to purchase a separate container for the Blendtec, but for smaller amounts you may find the FourSide container superior to the WildSide. The Twister Jar will also serve as a great small-portion grinder but, of course, that involves an additional purchase as well.

      I think you will find the tamper that comes with the Vitamix will help you with these functions more than you might otherwise realize. The next best alternative in my opinion would be the Blendtec FourSide.

  26. I recently purchased a designer series with a wildside jar through you, and added the twister jar via separate purchase.

    First off, I had a couple of issues with it, and was pleasantly amazed at the customer service of the company…. they shipped out replacements with return postage at their expense. The entire process was simple and pain-free, and the customer service rep pleasant and helpful.

    That said, here is my question:

    Blendtec is running a special $20 off the fourside jar in a deal they emailed me.

    I clearly like a lot of recipes in the recipe book, and the rep said they “work better” in the jar recommended in the recipe book… and that is the fourside jar in a number of cases.

    I have a rather substantial garden, and walk back and grab kale, collards, mustard, carrots, beets, perpetual spinach, often and throw it in the 5 side maybe with a little ice or fruit or whatever, and it is a “horse”… no worries… I run the blend cycles and sometimes run them twice or “pulse” by “feel” to get the texture I want.

    However, I do like the recipes in the book and it is somewhat daunting to see “4 side jar” listed as the one I need to use. I’ve tried the “twister” jar for these, but it is a bit harder to clean because of the roundness, and I’m not sure how it performs relative to the 4 side when not using the “twister” function.

    This may be an interesting video for you to explore this…

    So my question is, ignoring the ease of cleaning, how does the ‘twister’ jar perform relative to the 4 side in terms of running the 4 side recipes found in the recipe book?

    Or, should I break down, take advantage of the current deal and add the 4 side to my ‘arsenal’ and just be done with it?

    Thanks it advance,

    P.S. Thanks for the Agave Nectar and nut milk bag!

    P.S.S. Sidenote question… I found myself victim of, shall we put delicately, the “Tuczon Two-Step”, “Montezuma’s Revenge”… you get the drift.

    I’m looking for causes…. I made a hummus from black beans that I grew in my garden and sprouted in a sprouter leaving them for several days and rinsing. Should I have cooked them or somehow disinfected them?

    Or could the culprit have been some almond mild that I’d refrigerated for 4-5 days (I see 3 days listed as a maximum keep time)

    Just interested if you have any comments on food safety you might add…

    Again, thanks…

    In your opinion,

    • Blenderdude

      Cleveland, I’m glad to hear that Blendtec customer service took good care of you. As you learned, when the recipes were originally created, the WildSide jar was not yet in existance, so both the quantities and ratios of ingredients used were developed around the FourSide container. However, as you have also figured out, using the Pulse or some other function of the blender to make adjustments to the blend is sometimes necessary. This is fine. In fact, nearly 100% of the blending I do with the Blendtec is done using just the Speed Up, Speed Down, or Pulse functions – and almost always with a WildSide jar.

      Experience is the best teacher for the Blendtec user, and the more you use yours the more you will learn just how much of each ingredient you will need to use to get your recipes to work for you. In the case of the Blendtec recipes, you can make slight adjustments to them to work in the WildSide. It is for this reason that I don’t think it is necessary that you buy the FourSide, also. Most people who buy an extra FourSide are doing so because they want a separate container just for grain grinding.

      The Twister Jar is not ideal for the recipes in the book simply because it is not large enough. However, if you “scale down” the recipes, it works great! Especially on your ice-cream recipes. Again, you will learn to “tweak” the recipes depending upon the container you are using. Between the WildSide and the Twister Jar, you already have what you need to make anything in the recipe book. You just need a little trial and error to get your ingredient ratios adjusted to work for you.

      Regarding your other “issue,” on the rare occasions that I still have almond milk 5 days after making it, I can usually tell it’s not as fresh. That may be one explanation. However, it’s far more likely in my opinion that the raw black beans are the culprit. Raw beans can be toxic, especially the larger varieties like black beans. I think you’ll have much more success with your hummus next time cooking them first.

      • Thanks for your feedback, BD. In re: raw black beans being toxic, is this bacteria or chemical?

        I learned the hard way, for example, that beets have oxalic acid in them that is rendered non-toxic by cooking.

        I appreciated very much your information regarding toxicity of seeds and pits, also!

        Of course, as things go, I was looking up Papaya seeds, which weren’t in your list… I suspect they are fine, but somewhat bitter and decided to discard on the side of caution.

        What seems to be missing is research and discussion about the nutrition levels of leaves/skins, etc. not commonly eaten in the SAD world. For example, I have lots and lots of leaves associated with my broccoli plants that I use in soups/blends…. I figure by instinct this is a good thing, but have no idea if I’m wasting my time.

        Also, in your discussion on seeds/pits, you mentioned avocado pits being a good source of soluble fiber…. It seems to me that the pit would beat the heck out of the blade… I’m a bit too cautious to try it. Do you have any experience in this regard?

        Thanks again for your incites… you serve a valuable service to neophytes like myself into this healthy eating world!

        • Blenderdude

          Raw beans contain a natural insecticide which the human body will try to rid itself of once detected. Raw vegetables high in oxalic acid have become a real point of contention in raw food circles recently because included amongst them are some of the most nutritious out there. From what I’ve learned, the key with these is to moderate ingestion by rotating them frequently in and out of your diet.

          I don’t pulverize avocado pits on a regular basis but I’ve blended more than my share and I’ve yet to detect any ill-effects to my blades – especially those of the Blendtec as they are already manufactured rather blunt. I honestly wouldn’t worry about them at all – blend away.

  27. Hi BD,

    Thanks so much for all the detailed videos. I’m still having trouble deciding and am hoping you could potentially help. I’m comparing the vitamix to the blendtec, but also the 4 side and wildside container within blendtec. I’m also contemplating the twister so peanut butter etc. wouldn’t take so long and therfore less nutrient loss.

    My primary concern is nutrient loss.
    I plan on:
    – mostly using my own recipes
    – am not a huge fan of the tamper, but would prefer to have the food in there for a shorter amount of time (less heat damage) — if that means using a tamper, then so be it
    – I saw the 2 videos on temperature and noticed the vitamix made the soup at a lower temperature than the blendtec — does the blendtec normally run hotter? I had heard it was the other way around
    – I often make large quantities, but am wondering how many servings a 4 side vs. wildside would potentially make for a juice for example (if i’m only making juice for myself, is the wildside too big?)
    – I would also be using it to grind grains (likely large batches) and am aware I would need the dry container for the vitamix if I went that route

    Please help, I’m sorry for all the questions

    Thanks in advance,

    • Blenderdude

      Teresa, you can make your own recieps in either the Blendtec or Vitamix, but initially most will probably find the Vitamix easier in this capacity. The reason is the tamper – it provides an element of control that the Blendtec doesn’t. With the recipe-specific blend cycles of the Blendtec, a tamper is generally not needed. But, as you start deviating from the specific recipes using the Blendtec, you will have to “train” yourself on how to use the manual buttons. This takes some experience, but can be learned in time. With the Vitamix, the tamper allows you to make anything from your very first time using it.

      Both blenders will blend your typical smoothie and juice ingredients in plenty of time to avoid nutrient loss. In my videos I demonstrate that the Blendtec is slightly more powerful and will, over the course of the same blending duration, generate more heat than the Vitamix. Both blenders, if left to run continuously, will generate enough friction to inflict significant nutrient loss. But, again, you will always be able to control the duration of your blending – so I would not let this be an overriding buying decision.

      I have never found the WildSide container to be too large for single-serving recipes. Of course, I like rather large “single” servings. Anything 8oz. or above is generally not a problem.

      For harder grains like corn, winter wheat, etc., I would recommend the “dry” container from Vitamix. For just about everything else the “wet” container does a good job. The Blendtec container works great on all grains.

      In summary, if you’re really averse to using the tamper, go with the Blendtec. Otherwise, for the particular set of circumstances you described, I tend to think the Vitamix might be more suitable for you.

      • Hi BD,

        Thank you soooo much for your detailed response. It was very helpful. It looks like I’ll be getting the vitamix after all. Putting the potential nutrient saving ahead of the annoyance of the tamper (in my bf’s words). He says it will have to grow on him. 🙂

        Last question. I’m looking at the Professional 750 model. Can any pitcher be put on top? Or does it have different dimensions? I don’t see an option of one with a dry grain container, so I wasn’t sure if there just wasn’t a package or if it didn’t fit on the new style of base.

        Thanks so much! I owe ya!!

        • Hi again,

          So I found the answer re: container dimensions which is good, but I have 2 more questions instead:

          1. I’m reading that there is a difference in power between the vitamix pro 750, pro 500 and the 5200. Have you compared these 3 and does it make a difference in performance or length of time I’d need to blend (nutrient loss potential)?

          2. Do you ship to Canada? 🙂

          • Blenderdude

            The Professional Series 500 and the 5200 come with the exact same 2HP motor. The Professional Series 750 comes with a 2.2HP motor which is very slightly stronger. However, regarding nutrient loss, I would expect minimal, if any, difference in required blending durations for most recipes. The main performance features of the Pro 750 are the pre-programmed settings, the lower profile which makes it easier to fit underneath kitchen cabinets, and a slightly quieter motor.

            Vitamix has a limited number of models available in Canada. These come under a different name than the ones sold in the U.S.

        • Blenderdude

          Teresa, any new Vitamix container, including the “Dry” container for grinding grains, can be used on the Professional Series 750.

  28. Enzymes are chemical and are not living. They are catalysts, not organisms. The breakdown in nutritional values occur at higher temperatures than 91 degrees. A more interesting question is where is the heat being generated? Which blenders generate the most heat and what are the differences between them in sealing the blade assembly.

    • Blenderdude

      Qa, you are technically 100% correct regarding “living enzymes.” My use of the term is more or less industry-standard in the raw food community for enzymes that are “working” or “functional” – kind of in the same vein as people think of nutrients as “living.” And, like, nutrients, an enzyme’s biggest enemy is heat. The heat that extended blending generates comes in the form of friction produced by the surface area of the blade spinning at high speeds against the ingredients inside the container. All high-powered blenders will generate sufficient heat to destroy the nutritional content of all “living” foods. The main differences between them are the time each takes to do so. I go into more detail in my video, “Long Test: Soup” comparing the Blendtec and the Vitamix.

      By “differences between them in sealing the blade assembly,” I assume you are asking which might be more prone to leaks. The answer is neither is very susceptible to leaking, although with extended use issues have been reported with both. I have had my demonstration Blendtec containers fail at the seal before, but only after thousands of uses. The best case I can make for them is that both Blendtec and Vitamix warranty their containers for as long as they do the blenders, themselves. This should make the purchaser feel good about the quality and durability of both.

  29. I bought the model just recently that only came with the Wildside jar, but I noticed that you need to double the ingredients with a lot of the recipes that came with the blender. I am thinking maybe I should return it and get the fourside since I usually only make single servings at a time. If you had to chose one, which jar would you go with?

    • Blenderdude

      Steve, great question. The answer depends upon how you see yourself primarily using the Blendtec. If you think you will want to stick primarily to the recipes in their book and prefer to use the one-touch pre-programmed buttons, then your idea to get the standard FourSide jar might be a good one. However, if you think you will eventually use mainly your own recipes (or others that you like elsewhere other than Blendtec’s), the WildSide jar would be my recommendation. This is because you will more than likely be using the Speed Up and Speed Down buttons to manually blend. The pre-set functions are designed to be used with Blendtec’s specific recipes. They might work with other recipes, but, then again, they might not. You may have to do some manual adjustments, regardless. For this reason I would stick to the WildSide jar – I like it slightly better due to the larger blade. However, should you go with the FourSide, there is nothing you won’t be able to do with it that you can with the WildSide.

  30. Blender Dude,
    Many of the recipes in the BT cookbook call for use of the Wildside Jar (WS), I’m considering investing in this jar but am wondering if it will be worth my money. My primary reason for wanting the WS jar is my desire to make baked goods: breads, cookies, brownies etc. The recipe book says I need to use WS but I’m wondering if I can make it in the Fourside? In short, is the WS jar necessary and if so how well does it mix baked goods? Thanks Blender Dude your website is very informative! 🙂

    • Blenderdude

      Sasha, although – as I point out in the viedo – there are some advantages to WildSide jar over the FourSide, I do not think having one is a necessity. In my experience, the FourSide will do everything the WildSide will. You may have to do some slight manual adjustments using the Speed Up and Speed Down controls. But, if cost-savings is a primary concern, I would recommend you stick with the FourSide. Remember, the design of both jars is virtually identical. Size of the jar and blades is the only difference between the two. Good luck!

  31. With the size of the wildside jar being bigger, does that make it harder to make smaller amounts of food in it? Any difference with the jar size for making nut butter?

    • Blenderdude

      Betsy, to a certain degree, yes. For best results, I recommend your combined ingredients at least cover the blade with both the FourSide and WildSide jars. As you mentioned, because the WildSide is bigger, this is going to mean a larger quantity of ingredients with it relative to the FourSide. This would apply to nut butters as well. Both the WildSide and FourSide will make excellent nut butters.

      • So, is it worth buying the package with the 2 different size jars for this reason, making both small and large quantities without any problems? I just can’t decide which jar to get.

        • Blenderdude

          Betsy, for that specific reason, I would say, “no.” Some people like having the smaller jar just for their grinding and using the WildSide for their blending. But, if your concern is strictly for the size smoothies you will be making, I would not buy two jars just for this reason. Save the money and go with the one container that you think you would use most often.

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