Thank you for your website. Working with the public is no easy thing. You do it well. You are informative, balanced, thoughtful, and thorough. And kind. You can’t put a price tag on that. Kudos!

Elizabeth Burbach
New York, New York

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for an incredibly helpful website. Your articles and detailed responses are a pleasure to read. I am a cookbook author and also host a cooking show on the Food Network in Canada. I will be recommending your site FOR SURE. I’ve been a long-time Blendtec user but just recently ordered the VM Pro 750 and can’t wait to get it – I drink green smoothies every single day. Well done, blender dude!

Greta Podleski
Waterloo, Ontario

I appreciate your very fast reply to my e-mail. What great service. Can’t wait to use my first Vitamix, and I am thankful for your help in purchasing it. I also want to say that your website is one of the best I have ever seen. It is so informative and easy to navigate. Well done!

Kelley Burch
Charlotte, North Carolina

Thank you so much for your helpful advice and information on your blog. It really solidified our decision not only to purchase a Vitamix, but also to trust the quality of the reconditioned ones. Please continue to update your blog and answer questions on it. Those questions people asked that you answered were my exact questions and helped me to make the decision on whether to commit to such a large purchase. Your vast knowledge about the products you are promoting really makes such a difference in the purchasing process!

Teri Bills
Provo, Utah

Thank you so much for answering my queries. I know you get this repeatedly, but I have to add my two-cents’ worth. You are the best! I hope Vitamix realizes how valuable you are to them and their brand. For the average person, even one with relatively decent intellectual capabilities, all the different product lines out there are daunting. You pretty much boil it all down to packaging and small variations which affect the price and perhaps the use that a consumer is looking for. And you are fair in your estimations of other brands.

I have used a Magic Bullet for several years now because about the only thing I did was an easy shake and some soup purees. But now that I have gone over to the “other side” and am making my own milks and butters in addition to the soups and smoothies, etc., I need something better. The Vitamix is the one I believe will work best for me.

Marilyn Chiaramonte
Birmingham, Alabama

After an amazing amount of research I came upon your website. This is where I learned everything I needed to know to make an informed decision on a super blender. Your 5-part video series was exactly what it took to get me to make a purchase. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know I’ll be happy with my purchase and it will be a fine day when I can pass the Oster off to my son. I hope that someday he too will care enough about his health and well being that he too will purchase a blender from you.

Donald Nickason
Penfield, New York

First of all, I want to thank you for all of your incredibly comprehensive reviews and videos – it was a big help during my research. Thanks also for responding so quickly to a question I posted under one of your videos. I was already leaning toward Vitamix and had the chance to review a demo for one at Whole Foods in Huntington Beach today and I was sold. I think I will be incorporating a lot more green smoothies into my life.

Anyway, I used your code since I think your website and reviews are great – and of course you are offering the bonus goodies. So THANK YOU and I have bookmarked your site and will be back for sure.

Maya Grasse
Long Beach, California

I spent hours scouring through reviews before coming to your site. With your great, nothing edited videos for a refreshingly honest comparison, I was finally able to conclude that the Blendtec is the blender for me in a fraction of the time! Due to the fact that I regularly spend hours if not days researching my long-term purchases, I am so very grateful for your videos!

Taylor Jackson
Sachse, Texas

I appreciate the efforts on your website. I saw a competitor’s commercial and started looking to get a product for myself and my daughters – we need to do a much better job with our overall eating. I’m very glad I came across your site – made my purchase decision very easy. Thanks also for the bonus offers. We’re looking forward to receiving the Vitamix and changing our lives.

Gregg Hurst
Dallas, Pennsylvania

Jonathan, I wanted to mention something you might find helpful. My husband has a difficult time swallowing due to a form of Parkinson’s – he uses a gastric feeding tube. The “balanced” tube feeding formula that he gets has a very large percentage of sugars and oils (for the calories) with lots of vitamins and minerals added.

With the Vitamix I just purchased, I can now make a green drink that is healthy for him to supplement his regular “food” that is fine enough to go through his feeding tube without clogging it, giving him lots of fiber and phytonutrients. My recipe contains kale, celery, ginger root, apple, lemon, bluberries, and water. Hopefully this information might help someone else!

Bonnie Moore
Penrose, Colorado

Hello Jonathan! I found your website while trying to decide which blender to purchase. I loved that you not only did a written review (very detailed! thank you!!) but also the video comparisons. This helped A LOT. Thank you for putting so much time into getting this information out to people.

Kate Shubert
Troy, New York

I visited several (blender) sites, but why I came back to yours was the effort you made to educate buyers – especially the videos showing the differences between the Blendtec and Vitamix. Best,

John Douglass
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

bd, Thanks for your great reviews and website. Liked your videos also. Great bonus offer. Wish me luck with my new way of eating.

Sue Rankin
Trumbull, Connecticut

Blender Dude! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help in choosing the right blender. Your YouTube videos saved my sanity from trying to decide on my own.

Marshall J Amey
Las Vegas, Nevada

Jonathan, I really appreciate your input so, so much!  I understand what you mean about blenders being so personal.  I got a Blendtec for Mother’s Day four years ago and have really loved it.  My college-age daughter has borrowed it and when I recently went to visit her she did NOT want to give it back!

Ugh…I miss my Blendtec, but I also know that the Vitamix is a great machine. Oh, decisions, decisions! You do a FANTASTIC job of reviewing and your demos are fair and balanced.  Thank you!

Deb Dailey
Clovis, California

I cannot say thank you enough for taking the time to respond to me.  You are making an impact on people’s lives and health.  Keep up the good work!

Scott Godown
Salt Lake City, Utah

I want to thank you for providing so much information (especially your YouTube videos) about both the Blendtec and Vitamix blenders.  It helped me to make my final decision to purchase a Vitamix for my household.  It is a large investment for me, but, after killing two conventional blenders, I pray that it will be worthwhile.

Felicia Hill
West Palm Beach, Florida

Jonathan – Thank you so much for your swift, thoughtful, and thoroughly helpful response!

After watching several Blendtec vs. Vitamix videos that either selected a winner, or declared a tie, I found myself at the same impasse and no better prepared to choose between the two.  After viewing the five parts of your “match-up,” however, I came to a solid decision.  On top of which, I learned plenty about the possibilities and practical applications!  Many thanks!

Lisa Baker
Desert Ridge, Arizona

Hi, Jonathan – Thanks for sending along your website address.  I cannot wait to try some of those recipes.  I’m still so excited about my Blendtec – I use it daily!  You had me try spinach ice cream and I’ve been eating spinach ever since.  Who could have imagined that?

Let me know next time you’re in Jacksonville.  I have friends that want to buy one, too!  I will tell them that the machine comes with a personal contact.  Awesome customer service, keeping in touch with customers!

Zaida Calderon
Jacksonville, Florida

We bought our Blendtec from you at Sam’s in Knoxville, TN recently.  Love it.  Yum – green smoothies, almond milk, made freshly milled bread!

Kristie J. Fox
Knoxville, Tennessee

Hi, Jonathan!  My name is Marlene Hankins and I purchased a Blendtec at the Durham Costco late last year.  I know you deal with loads of people, but to jog your memory, I brought a friend who then purchased TWO Blendtec blenders shortly after I purchased mine.  I am hoping that you are the rep that will be back at the Durham Costco in February.

I am so happy making soups and most of all, green smoothies.  I felt the benefits of utilizing fresh fruits and vegetables immediately and did some research into the added benefits of green smoothies in the diet.  I now have at least two green smoothies a day and feel better than ever.  (Thanks for the list, by the way, of the smoothie websites.  I love TheRawDivas and GreenSmoothieQueen and have completed their 3-day green smoothie plan as well as the 7-Day with raw foods and smoothies).

My mother was recently diagnosed as being a diabetic.  Not because she’s overweight (she’s 84 and works out every morning) but simply because of an old pancreas.  When she was here at Christmas (from IL) we added green smoothies to her diet, with the blessing of her MD, and her blood sugar went from 140 to 101 in 9 days!  I was amazed as she ate all of the fruits she’s not normally allowed to eat – bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc.

Since my discovery of blending raw foods and making delicious smoothies, whether green or not, I feel completely revitalized.  I have never in my life gone through so much fruit and vegetables!  Not only am I getting healthier (I’m an organic, gluten-free person to begin with) but I am saving the environment by not having to purchase so much pre-packaged foods (soups, canned foods).

I hope that you have found this as interesting to read as it was to write!  I’ve been meaning to write you for a while now to tell you this.  My husband has told me on numerous occasions that I should go to work for Blendtec as I am such a HUGE proponent of the product!  I have done many home demonstrations, took my Blendtec to friend’s houses to make a soup or ice cream, and bragged about it to many – sent a few to the website as well.  LOL

So…………the question is…………..will you be the rep back here in Durham on February 18th???

I look forward to hearing from you and am hoping your travels have been safe.

Marlene Hankins
Durham, North Carolina

Things are going well with my Blendtec. I’m up to 563 cycles; May 2010 purchase.  Got the twins eating ice cream with carrots in it and they suspect nothing.      

Tony Harris
Marietta, Georgia