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Coconut Energy Smoothie

This simple smoothie is compliments of Sarah and Tamara, Certified Nutritional Practitioners from The Living Kitchen Wellness Group.  Feel free to add any greens to this recipe to really pack the nutrients into this energy booster.  A recipe for almond milk is right here, and a recipe for


Peach Pie Smoothie

There are several versions of this smoothie floating around the internet but most of them contain dairy products.  I wanted to make a healthy, dairy-free version and this one tastes awesome with almond milk.  A recipe for it is right here. 1 cup almond milk 2 tbsp.


Tonyz V8

This is a recipe from Anthony Harris of Marietta, Georgia.  Tony purchased his Blendtec in May of 2010 and has used it nearly 1300 times in a little over a year.  Great job, Tony!  Try this as a meal replacement – Tony says it’s super-filling. 1 1/2