Vitamix Statement on Motor Horsepower

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  1. Hello BD, I was thinking of purchasing a Vitamix 5200. When doing some information search I ran into your review article. It’s full of deep knowledge yet easy understandable. It helped me to make up my mind to buy the machine. Thank you very much. Being curious, could you further tell me if the motor of Vitamix 5200 is working on DC current or AC, even though the power supply is in AC form. Many thanks.

    • Blenderdude

      Ronnie, congrats on deciding on a 5200. It is a great model. Your question is unfortunately a bit above my pay-grade. My understanding has always been that only an AC motor can use an AC power supply without the use of a converter. I will, however, consult Vitamix and see if they can provide any further insight. If I am successful I will report back to this Comments section.

  2. Hello, I have a 240 volt 5000 model which I bought from you in the US maybe 5 years ago. I’m thinking of upgrading to the 5200. Can you tell me the max shaft speed in rpm and the max blade tip speed in mph of each model so that I can compare? Many thanks, Chris Busck

    • Blenderdude

      Chris, the RPM on the 5200 have been measured at 37,000 and the blade-tip MPH has a range of 11 to 240.

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