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If you read my article on agave nectar, you already know that not all brands are created equal.  Tastes and health benefits vary drastically from one to the next. Xagave is a 100% raw, organic nectar featuring a proprietary blend of top components from both the white and blue agave and is, bar none, the finest I have ever used.  Click on the following link to learn why.  Additionally, should you wish to try it (or if you’re already a fan and are in need of more), purchase it straight from the manufacturer using my coupon code good for 20% off your entire order.  You will not beat this deal anywhere on the internet! CLICK HERE for details.


pureformulas-logoChia seeds, flax seeds, spirulina, maca root, coconut oil, and protein powder are just a few examples of ways I like to enhance my smoothies, and I go to for all of it. Their inventory of vitamins, supplements, and other health & wellness products is staggering. I use them for four reasons: their prices are great, they ship extremely fast, they back everything they sell with a 100% no-questions-asked guarantee, and they offer FREE SHIPPING no matter how large or small the order. Use referral code RKYQLV at checkout.  To visit their site, CLICK HERE.


pureformulas-logoAlmost every fruit smoothie I make contains a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil. In addition to being delicious, its benefits include properties known to lower the risk of heart disease and speed up metabolism. Its high lauric acid content fights viruses, unhealthy bacteria, and fungal infections. The extra virgin coconut oil from Nutiva is certified organic and, unlike many oils, is derived from the first cold-pressing of fresh coconuts. It is also completely GMO and chemical-free. In addition to smoothies, use it as a butter replacement when cooking. You won’t find a better oil than this one. CLICK HERE to visit the Nutiva website.


vfh-precThe finest nut milk/filtration bags on the market today, Vermont Fiddle Heads bags are hand-made in Vermont, USA, and constructed of 100% hemp, the most durable filtration material there is.  Generously sized at 9″ x 12,” with proper care each will last for years. In addition to helping you obtain silky-smooth nut milk results, use them for filtering green juices and sprouting raw seeds and nuts, too. I am proud to not only include these bags as part of my blender purchase bonus gift program, but also offer them individually at a great price which includes FREE SHIPPING: CLICK HERE. As well, Vermont Fiddle Heads is a great website for other raw food supplements and accessories. To visit their site, CLICK HERE.