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  1. Love the Mix n. Match list! Great way to think of composing my smoothie with absolutely no stess!

    Here’s my question…. I can’t seem to get that rich thick drink I imagine! They always tend to come out so foamy n frothy that (a) they don’t fit in my XL glass nor my stomach and (b) by the time I do get to my 2nd pour from the blender pitcher, it is so separated as to border on unappetizing.

    I nearly always start with 1 cup of water, then add ice to the 2 cup line, then my scoop(s) of protein powder, then pile in the coarsest, toughest veggies and work my way to the softest fruits. Then put on SMOOTHIE and let the Vitamix do its magic. I’m just not getting the ‘mouth feel’ I crave and expect.

    What would you suggest (short of adding a banana to very drink????)? More ice…. Different order into the blender? I love this way of getting my ‘whole foods’ but am disappointed with my drinks.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer! Your site is great and led my husband and me to purchase a refurb machine via bd. we are enjoying the VM way! Hoping to see you in Charlotte at a demo sometime!

    Helene Cox

    • Blenderdude

      Helene, your ingredients and ratios look perfectly fine and the order in which you load them should have no noticeable implications on texture. I would make a few minor alterations to see if you can obtain the mouth feel you’re after. First, try freezing the fruit. You can either add this along with the ice, or, use it to replace the ice altogether. This alone should thicken your recipes, and with a cup of water and the use of your tamper, your Vitamix should have no problems with the blending process.

      Another great way to thicken smoothies is with a chia gel. This is a simple ratio of 1-part chia seeds to 5-parts water that I keep refrigerated in a large glass jar. Chia is great for you and tasteless. When mixed with water it forms a gel-like consistency. A couple of tablespoons of this gel into your smoothies will not only give you loads of extra nutrition, but also thicken your recipes.

      Avocado is also a great thickening ingredient that creates roughly the same texture as banana, and is very healthy to boot. Good luck!

      • Frozen fruit… and even greens and avocado chucks, too! Great idea… more BANG, less frozen water! Will try the chia trick as well! Thanks for the suggestions!

      • Another ingredient is to do the same with flax seed. Brew it like tea, pour hot water over flax seed and steep for 3 to 5 minutes and then strain out the seeds. The flax seed also is clear, (slippery) and helps relieve stomach issues as well. Good Luck.

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