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When’s the last time you had a frozen chocolate-covered banana?  I can vaguely remember getting them as a kid at Disney World.  The following is my attempt at recreating one in the form of a healthy smoothie.  Any milk will work, but I can’t imagine it getting any better than the almond-milk version.  Of course, the recipe for that can be found here.

1 cup almond, coconut, soy, or rice milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
2 – 3 tbsp. agave nectar
2 heaping tbsp. almond butter
2 heaping tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
1 large or 1 1/2 medium banana, frozen
5 – 6 ice cubes

Place all ingredients in blender and run on high speed for 40 seconds or until perfectly smooth.  (“Whole Juice” setting on a Blendtec)

  1. I always try Chocolate-covered banana smoothie at shop, don’t try to make it at home. But thanks to your simple and also yummy recipe I can now make it at my home and can enjoy it’s yummy taste with my family.

  2. Just got my Blendtec and this was the first recipe I tried. I substituted PURE/from the trees maple syrup for the agave nectar and used almond milk. As someone with a sweet tooth I have been searching for sweet goodness and this will become a treat I look forward to.

    Thanks for the R&D,


    • Blenderdude

      Mark, congratulations on your Blendtec purchase. Thanks, also, for the substitution suggestions. I’m sure others will appreciate them. Your feedback on the recipes is always welcome.

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