OmniBlend V

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Find my comprehensive review of the OmniBlend V here.



*U.S. addresses, only.  Shipping to Canada available for $36.00.


The complete OmniBlend V package includes:

  • Black, White, or Red (temporarily unavailable) motor base featuring energy-efficient 3-horsepower motor and push-button operational controls
  • 64oz polycarbonate or BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester jar with stainless steel 6-knife wet/dry multipurpose blade assembly
  • Mixing rod to assist with thicker, denser ingredients
  • User’s manual and 82-page “Deliciously Raw” recipe book


An excellent warranty comes with the OmniBlend V.  If used solely for household blending and in accordance with the owner-operator guidelines included with and on the blender, the manufacturer’s exclusive North American distributor warranties all applicable components, parts, and materials of the blender’s motor, housing, and keypad-operating instrumentation for 7 full years from the date of purchase.  Click the icon below for complete warranty details:

The OmniBlend V may be returned for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase if for any reason you are not completely satisfied.  Click the icon below for the complete return policy:



Questions? Comments? Let’s talk about it here!
  1. Hi and thanks for the amazing site! I have an Omniblend V with the 2lt jar and absolutely love it when it comes to blending pretty much about anything but for things with a very thick consistency like nut butters. With nut butters and the like I have to make really large batches with added oil and stop and scrape down the sides a lot or I get cavitations. I was wondering if Omniblend provides any container that works like the Blendec twister jar, or if the twister and mini twister jars would fit the Omniblend?

  2. I was interested in the purchase of the OMNIBLEND V, But that it was currently unavailable.Would you by chance know the approximate time period that it can be ordered.

    thank you. ADRIAN

    • bd

      Adrian, I believe the OmniBlend V is still available but they have changed their North American distributor. I had plenty of experience dealing with the previous one but none with the current. I am holding off on recommending a purchase of one until I can establish confidence that its warranty and service will be properly maintained.

  3. I did spot a refurbished Blendtec for $294.95 total. Between the Omniblend V, which is better?

    • bd

      In my opinion the Blendtec is the better overall blender, especially at under $300.00. This is not to take away from the Omni at all, though. The $50.00 or so price difference is a perfectly legitimate reason to favor it.

  4. Blender bro (I’m giving you a new name!) I guess this means I bring my Breville Hemisphere back ASAP, and place my order for one of these? I’m now reading of issues with the “Control” and I’m not liking what I’m seeing! Can’t say I’m terribly impressed with the smoothies I’ve had either. The other option is a re-furbed Vitamix, though the only thing other than the two speed is nearly $100 more than this. Best bet, in your honest opinion? Thanks for a great site, glad I stumbled upon it.

    • bd

      Kevin, I have no personal experience with that Breville model but I have long known that the specs on it are nowhere near that of the Omni V nor any Vitamix model. Your question is always a tough one for me. For the $100 price difference I could easily justify going with either model and make you feel comfortable with either decision. Vitamix has been running a lot of sales on their refurbished models lately, though. Once these models go on sale the pendulum swings more in its favor in my opinion. If you don’t have to have a blender right this very moment, you might want to consider waiting until January or February to see if they go on sale again.

      • BD what are typical sale prices for 5200 refurbs? I’ll wait if it’s within reason. I have to say I am a little concerned with the black specks issue at the moment the more I read up on it too. I like the idea of wet or dry ingredients for the Omni also. Not that I’ll be grinding flour right away, but you never know.

        • bd

          Kevin, the most common price for the Certified Recondition Standard model during sales is $299.00. They have been discounted to as low as $285.00, however. Regarding flour grinding, keep in mind that you can do this in the standard “wet” container that comes with the Vitamix, too. They do sell a Dry Grains container made specifically for grinding grains, but I only recommend this if you plan on doing a lot of grinding. For occasional use, the standard container will work just fine.

          • Thanks again BD, I’ll keep an eye out for the next sale. Definitely worth the wait! I was eyeballing the deal at Costco that comes with the full kit, but it’s not worth it just to get a new unit with the 32oz container. I can bring the Breville back at any time. Know if Vitamix will start breaking in the new containers yet? Maybe by the time the sale comes around, they’ll have things all worked out! Thanks again, YOU ROCK!!!

            • bd

              You’re welcome, Kevin. As of today I have been given no indication that a container break-in, or any other remedy, will be implemented. But I will surely keep close tabs on any new developments.

  5. I was all set to buy my vegan daughter a Vitamix 5200 for her birthday when I started reading about the black flecks issue. My back up plan was to buy a cheaper, Ninja…. until I came across your site. It sure sounds like the Omniblend V will work well for my daughter. However, as she is currently out of town (visiting us, of course), I’d like to order it and not have it delivered until after she returns home. Is that possible?

    • bd

      Angela, yes, I work closely with the U.S. distributor and can have the blender delivered whenever you would like.

  6. Just attempted to check out using PayPal. There is not a NOTES section in which to place the color I want, which is black. Please advise how I should proceed. Anxious to receive my Omniblend V Blender. And thanks for the excellent review information. Best on the Net and extremely informative and helpful.

    • bd

      Jeff, please attempt again. The notes to seller section should be visible. I also have made note of your selection of a black motor base and will make sure that is what you receive. Thank you for your business.

  7. The OmniBlendV has just begun to be sold in Japan, where I live. It is selling for about 43,000 yen, which is about $400 USD. The guarantee is only for one year, and in the first month it can only be returned if there is something wrong with the machine.

    Given that the blender is made in China, I don’t see why the price should be higher in Japan, which is much closer than the U.S. is.

    I also don’t see why the guarantee should be for only 1 year instead of the 7 years of the U.S. machine.

    You may wonder why I am telling you this, since you don’t have anything to do with it but you seem so knowledgeable aboutblenders that I think you might have some explanation and/or could tell me about a way to order the blender from the U.S.

    Many thanks for a great site.

    • bd

      Janine, the differences in the warranties on the Omni sold in different countries is most-likely a decision made by the distributor, not the manufacturer. This is, for the most part, also true in regards to setting the retail price. The U.S. distributor is constantly striving to stay competitive in the market and makes adjustments as necessary regarding both price and warranty. I know from corresponding with them that the manufacturer in China is constantly putting pressure on them to raise prices. This distributor checks in on this site from time to time. Perhaps they will be able to shed some more light on the subject in the near future.

      To the best of my knowledge if you aren’t purchasing an Omni for delivery to The U.S. or Canada then this distributor (and, hence, my site) will not be of much use to you. You are most-likely at the mercy of the distributor in your area. I wish you the best of luck in getting the unit you want.

  8. Hi. Does this come in a 240v version? I travel to the usa a lot and can have it shipped there, but live in 240v territory. Just a thought. I know it is a prob with vitamix and blendtec. Additionally have you reviewed the vitamix s30?

    Thanks for the great site

  9. Hi there, I’ve had my blender for nearly two years and would like to purchase the new BPA free jar with new blade assembly.
    Do you ship to Belfast, Maine? If so whats the lead time for this?
    Much thanks

    • Blenderdude

      Travis, yes, you can receive a new BPA-free jar in Maine. Please check your email for details.

  10. The tip of my tamper from my omniblend V just broke off and blended into my smoothie, I purchased my blender only a couple weeks ago, and I promise you I had the lid on. How do I go about getting a new one? And do I even want one? Will this happen again?

    • Blenderdude

      Taryn, I’m sorry to learn of this misfortune. This has never happened to me, personally, using the OmniBlend V nor have I ever heard of such an incident before yours. I have forwarded a report to my distributor and will get back to you via email as soon as I hear back.

    • Blenderdude

      Taryn, I’ve already heard back from the supplier with good news. Please check your email.

  11. If I request the BPA fee container is it a different price.


  12. How can I be sure that I am purchasing the BPA free Jar and not the polycarbonate jar. I want to have my son try it and if he likes it – I may buy one too.

    • Blenderdude

      Dorothy, you would simply let me know, either through an email or in the message box of your PayPal purchase, that you are requesting the BPA-free container. I would then inform my distributor. It will be no problem.

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