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For a detailed account of my industry experience with refurbished models, click here.



Available in your choice of White, Black, Cream, Red, Platinum, or Brushed Stainless ($50 upgrade) motor base finish, the complete Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs Vitamix package includes:

  • Updated motor base including a custom-designed, Swedish-built high-performance 2-peak horsepower motor and soft-touch dial and switches (machine label may vary from image displayed above)
  • 3 pre-programmed blend settings
  • 2Q/64oz BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ jar featuring newly designed easy on/off lids, no-drip spout, and an ergonomic soft-grip handle
  • Tamper to assist with thicker, denser ingredients
  • Cooking-class themed DVD, manual, and new “Savor” recipe book

Occasionally Vitamix receives returns on machines that were given as gifts, used in photo shoots, or exhibited at one of their many live demonstrations across the country.  These machines are factory-refurbished, tested, and re-inspected by Vitamix-trained technicians, then passed along to the consumer at additional savings.  The warranty on the Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs Vitamix, however, is the same as the one on their new machines.  Quite simply, if subjected solely to normal household use, Vita-Mix Corporation guarantees the entire machine will perform like-new for 5 years from the date of purchase, or they will repair or replace it free of charge. 

Every Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs Vitamix is purchased from Vita-Mix Corporation and is shipped directly to you with a no-risk guarantee.  If at any point during the first 30 days of ownership you decide it isn’t the machine for you, simply return it for a full refund.  Vita-Mix will even cover the return shipping.




  1. It seems the promotion has run it’s course, the regular models are now $379 and the only one available is the stainless steel one for $399.

    • I’m finding the same thing. It’s $379 now instead of $300. Blender Dude, could you fill us in on the current state of this sale? Thank you.

  2. We’ve had our 5200 for a few years now and we purchased through Blender Dude. The best decision we ever made and we love the blender. Not sure we’ll ever have to buy another one. When comparing against other brands I found that you absolutely want a tamper and might wish the other brands had them. When you need it, it saves time. Thanks Blender Dude.

  3. Hi Blender Dude!

    I’m really interested in getting a certified reconditioned standard programs Vitamix but I live in Toronto, Ontario – Canada. I have a sister that lives in Michigan that I could ship it to but how do I go about buying a blender since I keep getting rerouted to the Canadian Vitamix site? Also, would it be possible to bump up the warranty from 5 years to 7 or 10 years? How much does that cost? Lastly, what models qualify under the certified reconditioned standard programs besides 6300?

    Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Hey Blender Dude….

    I received my refurbished Vitamix 5200 today & it truly is an amazing machine! It motivated me to run to, go food shopping & fire up some of the recipes from the starter guide. While using the tamper in high 10, (yes the lid was on!!), the entire container lifted off the base. Is this normal? Should I just be more careful & hold it down, or is it missing a “lock” feature. Also, upon further inspection, I noticed that this piece (see picture) just lifted right out. I am pretty sure that’ not suppose to happen, but I know you will have definite answers for me!

    Thank you for your very informative website!

    (I can not get the picture to post here, but it is the circular piece that sits between the container & the base. It has silver teeth in the center & is attached by a square shaped screw coming out of the base.)


    • Blenderdude

      Sue, you are describing the drive socket and, no, it definitely should not come out of the motor base by itself. This can be secured with an Allen-wrench by following the directions on the bottom of the following PDF:

      Drive Socket Replacement Instructions

      If you do not feel comfortable doing this repair yourself, know that your Vitamix is fully covered under warranty and Vitamix will fix this for you, including paying shipping to and from your home. You would just need to contact customer service.

      In the future, out of habit I always hold the container with one hand while using the tamper with the other. It just adds an extra element of stability. Good luck!

  5. Hello Blender Dude:

    I’m considering purchasing one of the certified reconditioned standard programs Vitamix, but have some questions as I’m not quite certain how purchasing through your site works.

    First of all, I’m in Canada and wonder about the shipping costs to Victoria, British Columbia. Is it free shipping or free up to a certain amount? Also, when I pressed on the ‘Buy Now” button, it takes me to the Vitamix site, but I have no idea where to go from there.

    Any assistance you could offer would be great. Along with so many other people, I’d like to offer my thanks for the time you’ve taken and the effort you’ve made to answer questions. Your site has been very helpful.

    Thanks so much!

    • Blenderdude

      Ingrid, I’m glad you’ve found the site useful. As you probably now know, I think the Certified Reconditioned Vitamixes represent an excellent value. Unfortunately, Vitamix has implemented some changes in recent months regarding the purchasing procedure for its Canadian customers. They can no longer access the Vitamix.com website from Canadian ISPs. Instead, they are redirected to the Vitamix.ca website. This is probably the source of your confusion.

      The Vitamix models for sale on the .ca website go by different names than the ones sold here in the U.S. Vitamix also makes the availability of the Certified Reconditioned machines a bit more challenging or Canadian customers as well. Should you purchase any model, my authorized affiliate code will be good for a shipping credit of up to $35.00 CDN. This is usually sufficient to cover the entire cost of delivery. The real challenge will be in you finding the model you want there in Canada.

      I have forwarded the contact information of my account manager at Vitamix. My advice is to call her and give her the details of the exact model you want. If there is a way to get it to you, she will. Best of luck to you.

  6. Dude…much thanks for your knowledge and especially the comprehensive Q&As located here. Last week I purchased a 5200S at our local Costco. But after spending a little time here and on some other sites, I decided a 6300/Pro500 was the way to go simply because of the “idiot-proof” speed settings. However, I didn’t want to have to wait for the next road show to leap into the Vitamix “culture”. Your assurances here re: reconditioned units made me comfortable enough to head to the Vitamix Outlet Store (which, luckily for us is roughly 2 miles from our house). There I was able to secure a nice, white 6300 and a 48-oz. container which will allow placement under our cabinets for less (even with tax included) than I would have paid for a new 6300 (which are usually only sold in black at the Costco road shows from what I’ve been told). The salesman also threw in some goodies; a set of the Vitamix spatulas, an extra tamper, a choice of cookbooks (I went with “Ani’s Raw Food Essentials”) AND a Vitamix apron! I wouldn’t have had any idea as far as my options were concerned had I not come across your website. Thanks again and as we introduce friends into the world of Vitamix, we’ll be sure to send them your link!

    • Blenderdude

      Uncle G, sounds like living next door to the Vitamix Outlet Store really paid off for you. Congrats! Thanks for sharing and for the nice words about the site.