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For a detailed account of my industry experience with refurbished models, click here.



Available in your choice of White, Black, or Red motor base finish, the complete Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Vitamix package includes:

  • Updated motor base including a custom-designed, Swedish-built high-performance 2.2-peak horsepower motor and soft-touch dial and switches (machine label may vary from image displayed above)
  • New 2Q/64oz BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ jar featuring no-drip spout  and newly designed easy on/off lids
  • New tamper to assist with thicker, denser ingredients
  • “Getting Started” guide, cooking class-themed DVD, manual, and “Simply Fresh” recipe book

Occasionally Vitamix receives returns on machines that were given as gifts, used in photo shoots, or exhibited at one of their many live demonstrations across the country.  These machines are factory-refurbished, tested, and re-inspected by Vitamix-trained technicians, then passed along to the consumer at additional savings.  The warranty on the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Vitamix, however, is the same as the one on their new machines.  Quite simply, if subjected solely to normal household use, Vita-Mix Corporation guarantees the entire machine will perform like-new for 5 years from the date of purchase, or they will repair or replace it free of charge. 

Every Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Vitamix is purchased from Vita-Mix Corporation and is shipped directly to you with a no-risk guarantee.  If at any point during the first 30 days of ownership you decide it isn’t the machine for you, simply return it for a full refund.  Vita-Mix will even cover the return shipping.




  1. Please BD, perhaps you can help…..I have recently decided to purchase a Vitamix 7500, but I love the Espresso color that only QVC sells. Where can I purchase a “Certified Reconditioned” Vitamix 7500 in the Espresso color? They are not available on the Vitamix website. Surely a few must have been returned or replaced from QVC. Hope you can lead me in the right direction.

  2. Hi,

    I realize that there’s no way to predict which specific model will be sent when ordering refurbished models. I saw your response that all the models will be essentially identical. To clarify, do all of the reconditioned Next Generation models have variable speed settings and presets?


    • bd

      Susan, no. Among the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation models, only the Pro 750 has presets. If you want these, you would order the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs model.

      All of the Next Generation models do, however, have variable speed controls.

  3. Can I get the model 7500 for sure not the other labels, 300 or Creations Elite, if I order a reconditioned 7500 thru you. Vitamix says it could have any one of the labels on it.

    Also is there a number where Incan order by phone?


    • bd

      Diane, no. Vitamix will neither guarantee a specific original model nor go to any extra lengths to select one for you if you order a Certified Reconditioned Next Generation. By process of elimination it is sometimes possible to know in advance which model you will receive simply by the color you have selected, as some original models come in colors not offered by others. Regardless of if you are able to do this or not, though, any blender you receive will be absolutely identical to any other included in this model in terms of both specification and performance. There is not a single feature or function on one that any other doesn’t have, also. Truly, the only difference in any of them is the model name stamped on the front of the control panel.

      Any Vitamix model, new or Certified Reconditioned, may be purchased over the phone. And all phone orders are still eligible for free shipping using my authorized affiliate code, 06-005956. Just give it to any customer service rep who assists you. Vitamix’s toll-free number is 800-848-2649.

      • Thanks, BD if I order thru you, can I place the order by calling the 848-2649 number?

        Do you have a black, 7500, with 64oz container in stock. how long from order date to delivery to Hawaii?

        Do I get The Green smoothie revolution book and coconut oil?

        • bd

          Diane, any model you see on my site may be ordered via the corresponding links you see here or by calling Vitamix directly at the 800 number you mentioned. You would still be entitled to free shipping on any order placed over the phone by giving the Vitamix sales representative my authorized affiliate code, which is 06-005956.

          I do not inventory machines so availability is always limited to whatever quantity Vitamix has on hand at the time. Certified Reconditioned Next Generation models have been in short supply recently due to very few returns. I still have you on my list and will let you know as soon as I see availability.

          Standard delivery to Hawaii depends on the number of orders Vitamix is processing at any given time. I would give it 10 to 14 days to be on the safe side but it could be sooner. Any order placed using my authorized affiliate code mentioned above is entitled to my bonus gifts by following the instructions linked at the top of this page. Green Smoothie Revolution and Nutiva organic coconut oil are still two of your options. Best of luck in getting the model/color combo you desire!

  4. Thanks for yourVery helpful site. Would you please put me on your list for availability of the reconditioned Vitamix 7500 Also, Is it possible to get the 3 ringed binder rather than the book.

    • bd

      Diane, I certainly will add you to my notification list. If you are looking for a specific color other than Espresso (which happens to still be available at the moment), feel free to send me an email with your preference.

      Unfortunately, though, Vitamix will not make substitutions with the recipe books on the model. That each blender comes with the exact same recipe book is part of what makes every package in the model identical to the next regardless of the original blender included with it.

  5. Hey BD, I love your videos and website. You are very objective in your reviews and comparisons. You are also a very good writer. Its clear you have a great deal of experience w/ all these machines.

    Quick question related to the Vitamix 7500 / Professional Series 300 line, how tall is the unit WITHOUT the cover on? My cabinets are (apparently) unusually low, and I was wondering it this model would fit if I left the cover off.


    • Blenderdude

      Jonwb, thank for the compliments on the website. Fully assembled without the lid, the Next Generation models will stand 16 1/2″ at the highest point of the container. If you needed even more clearance, you could invert the container on the motor base and have the bottom of the container face upward. This would give you a total height of 15 5/8″, which would allow you to then place the lid on top and still be at right around 16 5/8″ total height.

  6. Oh, I forgot. Do you know if Vitamix will be having a special on the Reconditioned Next Generation. Right now they are $439.00 (12/1/13)

    • Blenderdude

      Vitamix did not include the Next Generation models in their November 2013 sale. They are normally priced at $439.00 and I wouldn’t expect that to change anytime in the near future given the recent promotion that was just run.

      • Thank you so much BD for your prompt response. I want to get the free shipping offer from your site. Your site does redirect me to the Vitamix site but the Vitamix site will not allow me to put my choice in the cart even after I select the warranty and color. Will the free shipping still be good tomorrow or does it expire today?
        Also how can I get the cookbook that has the chef’s recipes in it? Do you have a list or something (I think I read that somewhere.)

        • Blenderdude

          Beth, that is odd about your not being able to checkout. You might want to clear the cache and/or cookies from your browser. Regardless, the offer for free shipping using my authorized affiliate code is ongoing. You do not need to worry about that. If you are unsuccessful in being able to checkout online, contact me directly and I will put you in touch with my account manager who will take good care of you over the phone.

          The chef-inspired cookbook is called “Create.” There are both hardbound and 3-ring easel-style versions of it. It does not come with the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation model, and as far as I’m aware Vitamix does not offer it for sale separately. I have, though, seen it on occasion being offered on sites like Ebay and Amazon.

          • Thanks BD. I’ll contact Vitamix by phone tomorrow and see if they can figure this out. I really appreciate all of your help.

  7. With your site, I can almost forget about all the other research I’ve been doing. Wish I had found it first. You have done a fantastic job of making a complicated process simpler.

    Anyway, I still have a question. I am leaning toward the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation because I want it to fit under my cabinets and my cabinets will only have about 1/2 inch head room for a 17 1/2 inch blender. Another REALLY important thing to me is the ergonomic handle. Will the Reconditioned Next Generation have the ergonomic handle?

    Thanks again for all your expertise and help.

    • Blenderdude

      Beth, thank you for your nice words about the site. Yes, the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation model will include the shorter 64-ounce container with an ergonomic soft-grip handle. If you are certain you have a full 18″ of clearance from your countertop to your upper cabinets, this model will definitely fit.

  8. Thank you so much for your most informative site. I am considering a refurbished Next Generation. Do any come with the Create cookbook? Would you please put me on your wait list as well as advise how to get on the Vitamix wait list for the Next Generation refurbished?

    • Blenderdude

      Margo, the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation models all come with the Simply Fresh recipe book. I have added you to my notification list and have sent you an email with additional details.

  9. Thank you for sharing you knowledge with us 🙂 it’s extremely helpful.
    I have wanted a Vitamix for over 15yrs. and am about to purchase a certified recoditioned Next Generation 7500- series 300. In you opinion, would it be a better choice to buy a new machine as opposed to the reconditioned?

    • Blenderdude

      Missy, I’m glad you’re finding the site helpful. Which purchase would be “better” is a decision only you can make. The new Vitamix models come with a 7 year warranty and, of course, the peace of mind that you would be the only one to have ever used the machine. That said, you probably already know that I think the refurbished Vitamix models are a great investment, too. In almost all cases they are nearly impossible to distinguish from the new models, and still come with a full 5-year warranty. You get a significant discount on the price as well.

      These are the major factors to consider when making your decision: one owner and extra two years on the warranty vs. cost savings. My guess is you’ll be thrilled either way you decide.

  10. The reconditioned vitamaix model is out of stock. Any ideas about how long it might take to return?

    • Blenderdude

      Kathleen, because these units come from sources like photo shoots, home show demos, and customer returns, Vitamix does not actually “stock” them. As soon as any of these machines have been reinspected and certified, Vitamix makes them available for purchase. They have become extremely popular this Spring and Summer, and whatever inventory they make available at any given time usually sells within hours of reaching the website. I check the website every day and keep a mailing list to whom I send a notice anytime I see reconditioned Next Gens available. I would be happy to put you on that list. But an even better way to make sure you get one is to be put on a waiting list at Vitamix. I have emailed you instructions on how to go about doing that.

      • Hi BD,

        I am in the same situation as Kathleen, trying to get a reconditioned Vitamix model that is out of stock (Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Vitamix).

        Could you please email me the instructions to get on the Vitamix waiting list? I called the company and they told me they don’t have a list.

        Thank you for your help,

        • Blenderdude

          Luis, this is something I put together myself to help customers who are looking for a particular model yet don’t have the time to constantly monitor the inventory at the Vitamix website. I would be happy to add you to my contact list.

  11. Very helpful site. One question — I’m interested in the Pro 750 because of the preprogrammed function which I understand is only on the Pro 750. How can I be assured of getting this model when I order a reconditioned
    next generation?

    • Blenderdude

      Dottie, the Professional Series 750 Vitamix is not available as a reconditioned model. All the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Vitamixes come without the pre-programmed settings. If you want pre-programmed settings in a reconditioned option, your best bet is the Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs Vitamix, which will be either a Vitamix 6300 or a Profesional Series 500.

      • Thanks for the info. My wish list includes pre-programming settings, shorter model that would fit under the kitchen counter and the least possible noise. What do you suggest?
        Thanks a bunch.


        • Blenderdude

          Dottie, unfortunately, there is not a single Vitamix model which is going to meet all your criteria. The Next Generations offer the least possible noise and could possibly fit under your cabinets, but do not offer pre-programmed settings. The Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs Vitamix offers the pre-programmed settings, but will not fit under your cabinets. None of the other Vitmaix models which will fit under your cabinets offer pre-programmed settings or maximum noise reduction.

          My suggestion is to prioritize your wish list. Decide which of the three factors is most important to you and choose accordingly. You could also buy a 48-ounce container separately to go along with your Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs Vitamix but I hate to recommend to anyone to make an additional container purchase if not absolutely necessary.

          • You have been very helpful. Since I live by the motto, “the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”, I think I will wait a few months and get a new Pro 750 model from Santa rather than a reconditioned machine. The 750 seems to have all the bells and whistles that I really want.

            Thanks so much for your good help.


  12. Hi I really like your website! It is beautifully organized and easy to navigate. I appreciate your exertise on the different vitamix options. I am considering a reconditioned next gen and my question is regarding the warrantee…. Is it 5 years or 7 years? And is the warrantee from vitamix or blender dude?

    • Blenderdude

      Jean, thanks very much for the kind words about the site. I’m glad you’re finding it helpful so far. Regarding the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation, it comes with a 5-year warranty included in the price, with an option to extend it to 8 for an additional charge. It is a full manufacturer’s warranty from Vitamix, itself, and is every bit as comprehensive as the one that comes with the brand new models.

  13. Hi, thanks for your helpful info and expertise. Just wondering if the 7500 will fit under our cabinets(16&3/4″) without the lid or if lid is inverted? I would like to be able to leave unit out and under cabinet if possible in any way. Thank you in advance for any info you might have on the matter.

    • Blenderdude

      Mike, you’re very welcome. Yes, the 7500 – or any Next Generation model – will fit under your cabinets. Unfortunately, though, not when assembled normally. It stands 17 1/2″ tall assembled normally, but only 16 1/2″ if you invert the container (you can rest the lid on top of the container once inverted – it will still fit). As well, if you leave the lid off and assemble the container on the motor base normally, it will also fit. You would just need to store the lid elsewhere or lean it up against the blender.

  14. Hi have been looking at blendtec and vitamix 750 with alot of concern over the cost but the under cabinet is a issue with the 5200 so when i found reconditioned 7500 my options changed i think and that is the question is how does the 7500 compare with the blendtec……………i found your videos superb and passed them to friends. thank you so much.

    • Blenderdude

      Charlotte, thanks for the nice words about the videos. The Certified Reconditioned Next Generation blenders come from the Vitamix 7500, Pro Series 300, and Creations Elite models. Except for slight color variations these blenders are identical, are designed to do everything the 5200 model does, and operate virtually the same way. The motors inside them are very slightly stronger and quieter than the 5200, but the videos are still good to use in making comparisons to the Blendtec in terms of the way you will be using the blenders.

      Since cabinet clearance is an issue for you I would definitely measure yours before ordering. Most standard upper-kitchen cabinets are set between 17″ and 18″ above the countertops, but each individual kitchen is different. The Next Generation models are right at 17 1/2″ tall, so they will fit underneath cabinets in a lot of kitchens, but not all. At $399.00 I think they are a great deal.