Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs Vitamix

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For a detailed account of my industry experience with refurbished models, click here.



Available in your choice of Black, Red, or Brushed Stainless ($30.00 upgrade during Sale) motor base finish, the complete Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs Vitamix package includes:

  • Updated motor base including a custom-designed, quieter, Swedish-built high-performance 2.2-peak horsepower motor with radial cooling fan and thermal protection system; Soft-touch dial and switches
  • 5 pre-programmed blend settings including a self-cleaning option
  • 2Q/64oz BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ jar featuring newly designed easy on/off lids, no-drip spout, and an ergonomic soft-grip handle; 17.5″ total height – designed to fit under standard kitchen cabinets
  • Tamper to assist with thicker, denser ingredients
  • “Getting Started” guide, cooking class-themed DVD featuring celebrity chef Michael Voltaggio, owner’s manual, and “Create” recipe book

Occasionally Vitamix receives returns on machines that were given as gifts, used in photo shoots, or exhibited at one of their many live demonstrations across the country.  These machines are factory-refurbished, tested, and re-inspected by Vitamix-trained technicians, then passed along to the consumer at additional savings.  The warranty on the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs Vitamix, however, is the same as the one on their new machines.  Quite simply, if subjected solely to normal household use, Vita-Mix Corporation guarantees the entire machine will perform like-new for 5 years from the date of purchase, or they will repair or replace it free of charge. 

Every Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs Vitamix is purchased from Vita-Mix Corporation and is shipped directly to you with a no-risk guarantee.  If at any point during the first 30 days of ownership you decide it isn’t the machine for you, simply return it for a full refund.  Vita-Mix will even cover the return shipping.




Questions? Comments? Let’s talk about it here!
  1. Hi, I live in singapore. There is only one model being sold here. Will your us model work in singapore?

    • bd

      Shalini, it will work provided you use a voltage converter. Doing so however will not only potentially harm the machine and effect performance, but will also render your warranty null and void. For all these reasons I cannot recommend you pursue this option.

  2. I have checked back quite frequently for the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs Vitamix but all colors are still listed as “out of stock”. Do you know when or if there is a list I can be put on to order it when they come in?

    • bd

      Kelly, Vitamix does not keep an official waiting list for out-of-stock models, but I have always kept an unofficial one. I monitor the inventory daily and will be happy to send you an email when I see availability once again. Some customers like to mail be specifics such as color choices. Feel free to do the same.

  3. Will the 30 trial start from when it gets shipped or from the confirmed date that I would receive it?

    • bd

      Kyle, it will start from the day the Vitamix is delivered to your home.

  4. Hi BD,
    Thank you for your fantastic website. I found it extremely useful on deciding which high performance blender is right for me. With that said your pricing regarding refurbished G series 750’s is off by $10 on both base price and for the SS option. Is your price listed obsolete? I am so ready to pull the trigger on the 750!

    • bd

      Jason, thank you for the very nice words about the site. I’m glad you’ve found it useful. Vitamix did institute new pricing on the reconditioned Next Generation models within the last few days. You should find the site updated to reflect as much. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  5. I am trying to purchase a reconditioned Vitamix6300 from your website. When I enter your promotion code for free shipping, $25 is applied to shipping , but the total shipping is over $55. I did add an additional tamper to the order, but I find it hard to believe it would cost over $30 to ship a tamper. I don’t want to complete the order with Vitamix if I am going to be charged an additional $30 shipping. Could you help in this matter?
    Thank you very much.

    • Blenderdude

      Kim, assuming you have selected standard shipping, something amiss is certainly going on. I will be glad to help. Please send me an email directly so that we can work this out together.

  6. Hello BD,
    thanks for your helpful tips! I also tried to click on the ”buy now” button and ended up on vitamix.com page but WITHOUT refurbished option. Is it because I’m not in the USA right now? Here is where I’m ending up:


    Thanks again!

    • Blenderdude

      MC, yes, that is precisely why. About a year ago Vitamix reconfigured their servers such that Canadian customers are always redirected to their Canadian website if they are trying to access any Vitamix link from a Canadian ISP. If you have a U.S.-based address to where you might have a blender shipped, however, contact me for more details.

  7. Is this deal over? When I click on the link, I don’t see this offer?

    I’m ready to purchase!

    • Blenderdude

      Lisa, I’m not certain to which deal you are referring. The link above will direct you to the purchase page for the Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs Vitamix.

  8. Is there no warranty available with the refurbished models?

    • Blenderdude

      Lacey, yes, all Certified Reconditioned Vitamix models come with a full 5-year warranty with an option to extend it to 8 years.

  9. Hi BD,
    Thanks for all your info & sharing your expertise. I would like to purchase a pro 750 & was considering the certified reconditioned next generations programs vitamix from your site, but am wondering why the $50 upgrade charge for the stainless color when the 750 is only available in stainless?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Blenderdude

      Betty, that is a good question. Though Vitamix does not offer them directly through their site, there are actually Pro 750s with black and red motor bases available through some retailers. These units are included in the pool of available Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs Vitamixes. They are identical in every way to the brushed stainless version, except color, of course.

  10. Just tried to order the red reconditioned Next Generation thru your link and it came up out of stock – check back soon. Any idea or news of when I might try again to order? Thanks!

    • Blenderdude

      CN, unfortunately there is no way to tell because the Certified Reconditioned machines aren’t technically “stocked.” They are only available if and when Vitamix receives one back at their factory. If you would like to contact me directly, I would be happy to put you in touch with my account manager at Vitamix who can keep an eye out on this color for you.

  11. Aaaaacckkkk!!! Too many choices. If I am interested in a reconditioned unit (a 5200, or a 7500) is there a way to specify which one I am wanting or it is pot luck. Seems like the only guarantee to get the model number you want is with the 750?

    Is there a marked difference in noise between the three as well as between these and a comparable Blendtec? Sorry for asking so many questions. Just overwhelmed. Thanks so such an informative site.

    • Blenderdude

      Jody, you are correct in that the Pro 750 is the only blender included in the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Programs Vitamix model. The other reconditioned models are comprised of blenders from various original models. However, the packages in each individual reconditioned model category will all be indentical because Vitamix includes the exact same accessory packages with each. The 5200 motor base is part of the Certified Reconditioned Standard Vitamix model category. If you order a reconditioned Standard you may get a 5200 motor base, or it may be a motor base from one of several other original models. However, these motor bases will all identical, from the actual motor to the control panel to the containers. And once Vitamix includes the new recipe book in the package (it will not be the book that normally comes with a 5200), it will make the entire reconditioned package identical to every other model in this category. Does that make sense?

      The Certified Reconditioned Standard Programs category is comprised of only two original models, and the Certified Reconditioned Next Generation category is comprised of just three. But, just as with the reconditioned Standard, Vitamix will include the exact same accessories and recipe books with each so that there is absolutely no difference from one reconditioned model to the next in terms of what you actually receive in the package. The only difference will be the original model name stamped on the front of the blender.

      Regarding noise, the Blendtec is generally louder than any Vitamix, but the difference is not what I would consider drastic. If you haven’t yet seen it, this video may be of interest to you: Blender Noise Comparison

  12. I’m having problems ordering the certified reconditioned next gen thru the Vitamix website after clicking buy now. Is this typical, are they out of stock, or due too much activity on their site. Thanks your site is great!

    • Blenderdude

      Rob, no. There are no known issues with inventory or website server issues of which I’m aware. Please check your email. I have sent you a response in greater detail.