blender dude BONUS OFFERS


A special thank you from BD! With the purchase of any Blendtec blender using the direct link from my site, I will send you, free of charge, up to $30.00 in bonus gifts, including your choice of one of the following:  a brand new copy of Victoria Boutenko’s Green Smoothie Revolution, one jar of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*** or one 12-inch 100% hemp Vermont Fiddle Heads nut milk bag.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is certified organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed from fresh coconuts is one of nature’s perfect foods.  Full of essential fatty acids, it is a perfect ingredient for almost any smoothie!  The Boutenko family is world-renowned for their raw food and healthy living advocacy and Victoria is considered the matriarch of the green smoothie movement. In Green Smoothie Revolution she educates on the nutritional benefits of raw greens and shows you how to use them in 200 recipes.

In addition, enjoy preparing simple, fresh, dairy-free milk alternatives (almond, cashew, soy, rice, coconut, etc.) with just your Blendtec and the help of a new, reusable, 9″ x 12″ 100% hemp Vermont Fiddle Heads nut milk bag/strainer, also compliments of BD. Hand-made in the U.S.A., this is the highest-quality nut milk bag on the market today. Silky-smooth milk results time after time!  One bag comes with any of the above bonus gifts.  So, if you select the nut milk bag as your primary gift, you will receive 2 bags!

Instructions are easy:  Use the link provided on my website to purchase your Blendtec blender directly from Blendtec.  The “Buy Now” button on the corresponding Blendtec model of your choice from this website must be the link that takes you to checkout at  Once you’ve completed your order, please forward your order confirmation email from Blendtec (this will contain an Order Number but not your credit card information) to and include with it your preferred mailing address.  Let me know whether you would like the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, the Vermont Fiddle Heads nut milk bag, or Green Smoothie Revolution. Remember, a Vermont Fiddle Heads nut milk bag is already included with any of the four.  Once I verify your purchase, your bonus gifts will arrive within two weeks.  Congratulations on getting a Blendtec!


***A 14 to 16-ounce jar of organic, unrefined, cold-pressed coconut oil from one of the following leading brands:  Nutiva, Barlean’s, NOW, Nature’s Way, Healthworks, Viva, Purly Grown, Jarrow, Source Naturals, Organic Traditions, Pure Formulas, Ellyndale Foods, Life-Flo, Dr. Bronner’s, or Living Foods.