Blendtec Factory-Recertifed Holiday Sale Now Permanent

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Blendtec has gotten into the holiday spirit by reducing the price of its Total Blender Classic Factory Recertified model by a whopping $105.00 through the end of the year.  Regularly $384.95, Blendtec has announced its new price of $279.95 valid through December 31 or until its limited supply has run out.***Edit: As of March 8, 2014, it appears that Blendtec has converted this sale price to the normal, everyday price on this model.

The complete package includes the Total Blender Classic motor base in your choice of Red, White, or Black finish, a WildSide container, lid, recipe book, and owner’s manual.  Blendtec backs their 3-horsepower refurbished machines with the exact same 7-year warranty that accompanies their new models. 

As well, all Blendtec purchases made via will receive FREE SHIPPING (a $25.00 savings). Use the links below to see complete information on this model as well as to purchase your Blendtec on sale:

Blendtec Total Blender Classic Factory Recertified information

Review of the Blendtec Total Blender Classic WildSide

The Blendtec Total Blender Classic Factory Recertified blender at




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  1. I just got a refurb Blentec. I used it twice – one veg/apple smoothie was smooth. Another with blueberries had blueberry skin particles in it, small but still there, enough to be a bit chewy. I just hit the smoothie button, the rest of the ingredients were soft, except for the frozen blueberries. Is this normal, my friend who owns one says it pulverizes her blueberries.


    • Blenderdude

      Melissa, the Blendtec will do a nice job on blueberry skins, but you most likely will have to blend on a cycle other than “Smoothies” in order to do so. Try the “Whole Juice” cycle or, better still, try blending on manual Speed 10. You can run two cycles on Speed 10 to do a more thorough job, still. If you run two or more cycles, however, I would make sure that I have either some frozen fruit or ice included in my ingredients so as to keep the friction down. In a nutshell, the longer the blender runs, as well as the higher the speed, the better job it will do on these skins.

  2. I am naturally drawn to the blendtec over the Vitamix, probably because the digital screen, and design etc. but I am ultimately concerned that in a few years I am going to regret choosing this machine over the Vitamix, most people I know who own high performance blenders have the vitamix, and have had it for 10+ years, and are still loving it. I just want to make sure that I can count on the Blendtec. Another question, does the Blendtec have a tendency to leak? There was a video posted on youtube by a woman who videoed her newly purchased Blendtec, while she blended a simple recipe and it jumped all over the counter wrapping the cord around itself as well as leak liquid. Is this common? I have been watching your video’s on youtube and plan to purchase through your website, so your honest guidance is much appreciated!

    • Blenderdude

      Mandy, as far as the durability and dependability of the motors and motor bases are concerned, I feel comfortable recommending either the Blendtec or the Vitamix. There have been some known issues with what I believe to be a small percentage of the Blendtec’s containers. Specifically, a gasket on its underside which can fail over time and render the entire container unusable. That said, the container is fully covered under warranty and I have never heard of a single incidence in which Blendtec has failed to honor the warranty. So, if you happened to be an unfortunate owner of a container that needed replacing, Blendtec would do just that.

      I would imagine that Blendtec will have fully addressed this issue long before your warranty expires. So, even if you need to replace the container, I imagine eventually you would receive a container that would not need replacing again except over the course of normal use. Again, this issue seems to affect a small percentage of containers in my experience. On the other hand, I can also recommend a Vitamix with full confidence that you would be thoroughly satisfied with it, too. I don’t think there is a “wrong” choice, here. Only one that is perhaps more “right” for you than the other.

  3. Your link does not give me free shipping. I called and the rep said i needed a promo code. Do you have one?

    • Blenderdude

      Rob, if you have used the link above, you should have the option of “Ground – $0.00” via the drop-down menu at the checkout page. You must first enter your zip code however in order to get this option. Blendtec affiliates no longer have codes. If you are still having trouble contact me directly at and we I will be happy to investigate further on your behalf.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this. I just placed my order and with the money I saved, I went ahead and bought the Twister jar as well.

    • Blenderdude

      Nathan, congratulations. With the WildSide and Twister Jar, you will for all intents and purposes have the “ultimate” Blendtec package. Happy blending!

  5. Does the Blendec replace the food processor? Thank you

    • Blenderdude

      Vessie, only to a certain extent. It will make dips and dressings, but will not dice vegetables as cleanly as you would find with a food processor. If a fine dice is what you are after, a food processor is still the preferred appliance.

  6. Hi!

    I’m about to buy a Total Blender. My question is, what are the differences between these Total Blender models?:

    TB-621-20 vs TB-631-20 vs TB-621-25 vs TB-631-25 vs TB-621-26

    I think they differ by color, base material and jar type.

    I read tb-621-20 has a stainless-steel base, is that true? or all Total Blender models bases are made of polycarbonate? If it’s true, which material is better?

    Which from the above models do you preffer?

    • Blenderdude

      Rodrigo, you are on the right track. Each of the motor bases you listed above are identical in every way except for color, and the models themselves are separated only by the included container(s) and motor base colors. Blendtec knows there is a demand for a stainless steel base but as of yet there is not one in production. The bases on the Total Blenders are molded polycarbonate. They are durable and light-weight, relatively speaking.

      TB-621-20: Total Blender with FourSide container in Black.
      TB-631-20: Total Blender with FourSide container in Red.
      TB-621-25: Total Blender with WildSide container in Black.
      TB-631-25: Total Blender with WildSide container in Red.
      TB-621-26: Total Blender with FourSide and WildSide container in Black.

      Of these models, I would probably recommend either of the Total Blenders with WildSide container. It does the exact same jobs as the FourSide container, yet is bigger so will hold more volume, and has a bigger blade which helps with blending efficiency. I would only purchase the model that also includes the FourSide container if you wanted to keep one container strictly for grinding grains. This is not necessary because the WildSide will do that job, too. However, I have known many customers who like the separate jar for this purpose.

      If you do decide to purchase a separate container down the road, I would recommend you look into the Twister Jar. Along with the WildSide, the Twister Jar would give you a Blendtec package that would allow you to do everything of which the blender is capable along with the most convenience, too. Good luck with your decision!

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