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Alkaline Therapy As An Alternative to Chemotherapy

by Rachelle Leonard

You may ask ‘what does alkalinity have to do with blenders?’ I know it is a bit off course for this blog but this is where I bought my first Vitamix back when I was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Why did I buy a Vitamix? Because of its ability to pulverize kale and spinach into alkaline superfood. I’ll get into more of my favorite recipes and more of my personal story in later articles of this series. Right now I just want to get you familiar with alkaline and how it can combat cancer cells.

green smoothie

Cancer remains the second most-common cause of death among Americans, comprising 1 out of every 4 fatalities. 2014 will host 1.6 million new cases and more than 500,000 will die of cancer.

Chemotherapy, an invasive yet widely used therapy, seeks to eliminate cancerous cells yet affects healthy ones too. The negative consequences and side effects inspire a number of patients to seek doctors who prescribe and implement alternatives.

Alkaline (or pH) Therapy is non-invasive and targets a patient’s diet as well as states of being. For example, meditation is used for melatonin production. Cancer cells need acidic environments for proliferation, yet alkaline therapy modifies and ‘fools’ cancerous cells by raising pH levels of cancerous cells.

pH or Alkaline Therapy

Alkaline or pH therapy, used in the 1930s to address a wide range of cancers, was alternative, experimental, and even assumed dangerous. Despite skepticism, modern day doctors and patients still utilize alternative methods to treat cancer throughout its stages.

Cancer cells thrive and spread, yet such cells are meticulous regarding cellular mitosis or proliferation. A pH level between 6.5 and 7.5 is optimal for cancer cell growth and mitosis. Offsetting pH levels disturbs the promotion of cancerous cells and facilitates remission.
Alternative doctors raise pH levels of cancer cells above 7.5, which inspires the cell to revert to a normal apoptosis cycle (programmed cell death).

Alkaline Diet

As an alternative to chemotherapy, an alkaline diet is introduced as part of the treatment process. The diet, mostly plant-based, avoids sugar, dairy, wheat and high-gluten grains. Additionally, fruits are deemphasized while fresh vegetables and vegetable-based juices change the body’s intracellular pH to reach an ideal density of 7.3-7.4. Such a balance is optimal for everyday health and not prescribed to cancer patients alone. Cancer cells, when denied an optimal growth environment change and die, and healthy cells are strengthened along with the entire immune system.

Cancer and pH levels

Extensive research reflects a relation between patient pH levels and the presence and spread of cancerous cells. Cancer cells thrive in low-pH, highly acidic environments. Due to fermented glucose, lactic acid and tiny microorganisms morph and then migrate to the cell’s nucleus, creating mutation and eventual cancer.
Cancer cells cannot thrive in pH environments of 8.0 and greater; low pH levels inspire glucose fermentation and subsequent cell mutation.

Psycho-Emotional Stress

Prolonged psycho-emotional stress depletes adrenaline and creates acidic buildup. Medical research shows a connection between cancer patients and emotional stress.

Emotional distress creates a physical reaction within the body. Ongoing stress produces hormones that promote pH imbalance. Specifically, stress activates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and sympathetic nervous system.

Tests on animal tissue suggest psycho-emotional stress is a second environmental factor that influences the progression of prostate cancer. Links between stress and depression are especially concerning since the state of having cancer invites added tension. Some professionals celebrate a deeper collaboration between psychotherapists and clinical urologists, believing such partnerships would extend the comfort and life of cancer patients.


Melatonin is the primary hormone responsible for the inhibition of cancer growth and produced by the pineal gland during sleep. Those with cancer have difficulty sleeping, which retards the production of melatonin. However, melatonin is produced through meditation. Studies show those who regularly meditate host a significant increase in levels of melatonin.



Doctors who prescribe alternative methods seek ways to introduce ‘positive’ lactic acid into the system, a re-alkalizing process. Pleo-Sanuvis is commercially available and found in other homeopathic forms. Dextrorotatory lactic acid is in whey and one of the main ingredients of alternative alkaline-focused diets.

Krebs’ Citric Acid Cycle

The body’s citric acid cycle, known as the Kreb’s Cycle, breaks down food molecules into carbon dioxide, water, and energy. Taking place in the mitochondria, it promotes cellular respiration. Without the proper fuel or external vitamins, such as niacin, cells revert to glycolysis, the fermenting of glucose, for energy and eventually cause cancer.

Constant ingestion of alkaline is not a long-term solution. Supplementing dextrorotatory lactic acid is an artificial, short-term method. However, the root of the problem or the psycho-emotional crisis needs complete resolution, and most doctors complement medicine with counseling.

Balance of Nutrition

Dedication toward better nutrition is the next step in treating those with cancer. Eating high acidic foods must be tempered with counseling and modification. For example, cola and coffee are two daily drinks, which feature high acidic levels.

Water is important for health and life, but it’s also an alkaline, and needed to balance nutrition and levels of acid. Cancer patients modify diets so 80% of intake is alkaline foods and 20% neutral.

Alkalizing foods include vegetables, such as greens and carrots, and fruits, like bananas and berries. Butter, cheese, soybeans, and a number of other foods are also neutral.

alkaline diet foods


The liver, colon, gall bladder, and kidneys filter waste, which contains toxins. A poor diet, foreign chemicals, alcohol, and other ingested products facilitate the production of lactic acid. A detoxification and purification process rids the body of toxins and promotes the immune system.

A liver-colon cleanse detoxifies along with ozonated water (recognized as a detoxifier but not advised for those with lung cancer). When the liver gets overloaded with toxins, the immune system weakens. Continuous cleansing protects the body from toxic buildup.

A Safe Alternative?

A number of doctors champion alkaline diets and prefer alternative treatment to chemotherapy. While a leading solution to cancer growth, chemotherapy draws criticism due to associated pain, side effects, and the threat to a patient’s overall health.

Chemo agents, such as Cytoxan, cause more damage to normal cells than inflict damage on cancerous cells. Cancer cells are different in that a thick external membrane makes it difficult to absorb medicine. Since normal cells have no such protection, the chemotherapy destroys healthy cells while succeeding in targeting a lesser number of cancerous cells.

Furthermore, cancer cells cannot regulate or normalize. This means that high concentrations of alkaline target cancerous cells, which only accept two elements: glucose and potassium. Alternative methods of treatment guide the alkaline to cancerous cells via transport agents.

Along with glucose and potassium, cancer cells accept cesium chloride, as well as germanium, rubidium, selenium, and other transport agents through the potassium pathway.

cancer survivor rachelle leonardRachelle Leonard is a cancer survivor, blender enthusiast, and health advocate. Her experience has inspired her to write about alternative cancer treatments.  Her goal is to help educate patients on alternatives to chemo and radiation with macrobiotic and alkaline diets.

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  1. I have a good friend whose husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years ago. He chose to go with with an alkaline diet for treatment, which included juicing and drinking baking soda and water 5 times a day. No sign of cancer now and he is going strong.

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