Five Popular Diets That Include Blended Foods

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Five Popular Diets That Include Blended Foods

by Ashley Erikson


Whether you’re new to the art of blending or a long-term smoothie lover, you’ll love all the popular healthy diet plans that call for a blender. Blending plays an important role in dieting because it can fuel your body with the essential nutrients that help the metabolism thrive. Not everyone loves to eat their veggies, but adding it into a smoothie is another thing. If you’re looking to diet and you want to not sacrifice your morning smoothie, here are some great options.


1. Green Smoothies: The Ultimate Blended Diet

The green-smoothie diet is a simple way to eat raw in the early part of your day. The plan involves a green smoothie for your first two meals and a healthy meal made from whole foods for dinner. This diet is usually done as part of an initial detox regimen to either give the body a recharge or prepare to transition into a vegetarian diet.


2. NU Skin TR90 Diet: Get Creative with Your Smoothies

TR90 is a weight-management system that promises to unite your mind and body to create a healthier, thinner and more beautiful you. Not only does the program offer a number of nutritional shakes and supplements that can boost your immunity, but it also provides plenty of motivation to keep you on the track toward success.

Along with the whey-protein shakes that come with the program, TR90 participants are encouraged to blend their own healthy smoothies. You can even mix the whey in with your favorite blend to create a delicious treat.


3. Nourishing Traditions: Blend Your Favorite Hot Soups

Nourishing Traditions is a book and diet plan by Sally Fallon. Foods include grass-fed meats, bone broths, fish, eggs, fresh produce, sprouts and fermented foods. The bone broths are a crucial part of the diet because they contribute to the health of your joints and digestive track. They also make the perfect base for a number of flavorful soups! Use your blender to make your homemade soups as smooth as you like them.


4. Blending on Paleo: Stay Disciplined with Your Favorite Drinks

If you’ve been thinking about trying the Paleo diet but don’t want to give up any of your favorite blended treats, you’re in luck. The Paleo diet, which focuses on whole foods that would have been enjoyed by our caveman ancestors, allows for the consumption of most varieties of fresh produce. You are encouraged to limit sweet fruits like bananas due to the sugar content, but a pear or apple would be excellent. Be sure to include the skin because of the added fiber it provides. With any number of delicious smoothies to enjoy, you won’t miss grains or legumes one bit.


5. Low-fat Raw Veganism: Hydrate to the Core

If you can follow this ultra-strict diet closely, you’ll be eating 80 percent carbs, 10 percent protein and 10 percent fats. The 80:10:10 diet is the most popular version of low-fat veganism. Created by Dr. Douglas Graham, this plan is based on fresh fruits like bananas as well as protein-rich greens and healthy fats like avocado. It’s quite controversial due to its strict limitations, but many people claim it detoxifies the body and improves health on every level. Whether you go all out and commit to the diet or just try it out for a short stint, your body will thrive on the increased hydration from all that fresh produce. Try blending your watermelon with some ice, a kiwi and a few strawberries for a delicious treat!

It’s a good idea to be careful when taking on any ultra-restrictive dietary regimen. We all have different nutritional needs, and making the sudden switch to a cleansing program such as the green-smoothie diet can sometimes bring on an intense healing crisis. If you’re new to cleansing, it’s common to feel fatigued, irritable or even sick as your body gets used to healthier foods. Always talk to your doctor about your concerns, and listen to your intuition when testing out the waters.


aeAshley Erickson is the mother of three boys, a physical trainer, and a health consultant.  Her interest in health started as a hobby but eventually converted to her profession as she grew to love everything about the science of health.  Her blog, Ashley’s Health:  Eat Good, Look Good, Feel Good can be found at

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