My affinity for high-performance blenders began the day a brand new Vitamix 5000 arrived at my doorstep in July of 2006. Almost immediately I began singing the praises of my new “favorite toy” to anyone who would listen. Of course, back then my audience was limited to friends and immediate family, and their tolerance for my enthusiasm was relatively short-lived. Since I began promotional sales of the Blendtec Total Blender in 2009 at live demonstrations across the country, however, I’ve had the pleasure of discussing the merits of high-performance blending with literally thousands of health-conscious individuals, many of whom approached me initially wanting only to know “what all the noise was about” with these powerful appliances.

The name of this site comes from the term of endearment bestowed upon me as I began making repeat visits to wholesale clubs promoting the Blendtec. To this day, whenever I return to a store for another roadshow I’m consistently greeted with, “The blender dude is back!” Management, employees, and customers, alike, always make me feel both welcome and that my demonstrations have been eagerly anticipated. I know it’s really the blenders they’re all excited to see. Nonetheless, “blender dude” has become a moniker I acknowledge with ever-increasing pride, show after show.

Nobody enjoys a healthy smoothie more than I do, and I’ll post a recipe whenever I come across a good one. But this is not a food blog. Nor is it a kitchen appliance review site giving thumbs up or down to the latest tool or gadget to hit the marketplace after the reviewer spends a day or two with it. And though I know a fair bit about nutrition and have written a few articles on what’s good for you and why, there are far better resources across the web offering nutritional advice from real doctors and dietitians.

No, my little corner of the internet specializes in just this: high-performance blenders. Not only have I used them daily for the last 8 years, I’ve also worked for the companies whose names are on them. I know how they’re made and how to get most out of them. I know what makes one different from the next, and even the marketing tactics their manufacturers implement against one another. To this marketing, I can tell you what is fact and what is fiction. My guess is you wouldn’t need one hand to count the number of people on the planet who have more combined experience with all of the blenders discussed on this site than I do, and my ultimate goal with blender dude, today, is to pass along what I know to you.

I believe these machines are terrific investments into your health, but I also realize they’re significant financial investments for most of us, too. It would be my pleasure to help you find the right one for you and your family. If you don’t find everything you need to make such a decision on the site, itself, please feel free to contact me directly.

Jonathan Cochran