Xagave Premium Agave Nectar

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Producers of the healthiest, best tasting certified organic agave nectar on the market today, the makers of Xagave purchase their raw materials from a co-op of over 700 farmers.  This means that not only does the company know where the raw nectars purchased to make Xagave originate, but it can also monitor the standards implemented in growing the plants themselves.  In short, this is a brand you can trust.  A mild yet very sweet (with no aftertaste) nectar perfect for everything from beverages to cooking and baking, the specific benefits of Xagave include:

  • No artificial additives or sweeteners
  • A low-glycemic food, meaning blood sugar levels in the body are not raised
  • Contains inulin, a natural pre-biotic fiber which promotes both the growth of healthy bacteria in the lower intestine, resulting in an enhanced immune system, and calcium absorption, resulting in increased bone density
  • Sweeter than table sugar, meaning less will be used, resulting in a potential calorie savings of 25% to 40% depending on recipe
  • Minimally processed at temperatures below 117°, resulting in a product that retains its vitamins and minerals, as well as 17% of the recommended daily requirement of calcium in a single tablespoon

Xagave is sold in a variety of sizes ranging from single-serving packets to one-gallon containers.  Bulk multi-packs of any size are also available.  As well, the company has published a wonderfully educational cookbook featuring over 240 healthy recipes – all made replacing sugar with Xagave.  To learn more about their great products, or to purchase Xagave with a phenomenal blenderdude.com discount, visit the Shop at their website HERE.


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  1. Hi, Jonathan–What is the shelf life of the Xagave product? And do you refrigerate yours?

    Thank you–my Reconditioned Vitamix has been shipped and I want to be all ready to try recipes!


    • Blenderdude

      AnnE, the Xagave should last several years. It is much like honey in that respect. And, no, there is no need to refrigerate it.

  2. Where can i buy this product? I just love it.

    • Blenderdude

      Katherine, you can buy Xagave directly on their website at http://www.Xagave.com. Once you have added your items to your shopping cart, you can enter the code “BLENDERDUDE” and receive 20% off of your entire order.

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