• Vitamix Models: A Comparison Guide

    (updated April 8, 2014) As you either already know or are now discovering for yourself, there are many options when it comes to high-performance blender manufacturers.  Talk to someone who’s been through the buying process and ended up purchasing a Vitamix.  He or she will likely tell you the hardest decision wasn’t choosing the brand.  […]

  • Review: Vitamix 5200

    (updated February 13, 2014) The flagship model in their world-famous line of high-performance blenders designed for home use, the Vitamix 5200 continues Vita-Mix Corporation’s decades-old tradition as “the” name in commercial-quality blending.  The 5200 was introduced to the United States in 2007 as a new-and-improved version of the company’s wildly popular 5000 – still to […]

  • Review: Blendtec Total Blender Classic WildSide

    (updated August 6, 2013) Introduced in late 2004, the Total Blender continues to be Blendtec’s (a division of K-TEC, Inc.) most user-friendly offering in the high-performance blender market.***  Contrary to the claims of many online reviews, the Total Blender was not simply a revision of the company’s wildly popular Champ HP3 model found in numerous […]

  • High-Performance Blenders: What’s the Big Deal?

    If I had a nickel for every time I was asked at one of my roadshows, “What’s so great about the Blendtec ?” or “Why is this so much better than the blender I have?,” I wouldn’t actually have to sell the darn things.  These and others like them are certainly legitimate questions – usually […]

  Blendtec has gotten into the holiday spirit by reducing the price of its Total Blender Classic Factory Recertified model by a whopping $105.00 through the end of the year.  Regularly $384.95, Blendtec has announced its new price of $279.95 valid through December 31 or until its limited supply has run out.***Edit: As of March 8, 2014, it […]

On August 28, 2013, Vitamix announced a voluntary recall on specific containers containing a blade which it has deemed represents a potential “laceration hazard.”  No injuries have been reported as a result, but engineers at Vitamix have determined that the design of the blade may be prone to breaking which might then potentially lead to […]

This tasty smoothie is an anitoxidant-packed treat offerred by Lexie’s Kichen.  This blog features gluten and dairy-free recipes developed by Lexie in an effort to change the diet of her family, which includes a member living with autism.  Several dairy-free milk recipes can be found here.  Thanks, Lexie! 1 cup frozen cherries (pitted) 1 handful […]

Now receive free shipping (up to $25) on the purchase of any Blendtec blender purchased in the U.S., compliments of blender dude.   Simply click the above image – your free shipping discount will be saved and automatically applied at checkout whenever you decide to complete your purchase.  As always, all blender dude bonus offers apply […]

  RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING ON THE PURCHASE OF YOUR VITAMIX S30 BY ENTERING 06-005956 IN THE “PROMOTION CODE” BOX AT CHECKOUT. BLENDER DUDE BONUS OFFERS: Receive a free copy of Green Smoothie Revolution, 23.5 oz bottle of Xagave, or 15 oz jar of Nutiva coconut oil plus one nut milk bag! (click here for details)   $409.00 […]

This is a video tutorial for making peanut butter in the Blendtec Total Blender using a WildSide container. Because of the size of the WildSide, best results are achieved when using a larger quantity of peanuts than called for in other recipes. In this video we make peanut butter using only 3 cups of peanuts. […]